10 Useful Tips for Writing Reader Friendly Content

You need money. Your readers generate money for you. No need to sing praises for any other than your readers, for your success. If you dedicate yourself to your readers then traffic, money, business opportunities everything will flood into your blog.

Keep in mind that when you do something on your blog and if you miss out on your readers, then no one will follow you. Follow all the guidelines below to get followed and get loyal readership to drive traffic/money.

You are doing so many changes in your design, content and ads to develop your blog to the next level, but you should know whether these changes had any impact on your readers or not?

reader-friendly content

1. Don’t link your home page often from any of your post

I perceive many bloggers over and over again to link to their home page whenever they see a popular search term in posts. A bad SEO strategy that has been used by basic-level bloggers.

Readers and Google know that there is no need to link your home page. Links to your home pages often disturb your readers and your blog SEO.

2. Don’t use too many links in your posts

Links offer useful information to your readers; but don’t provide too many links to your inner pages and outer pages. Try to give information to the extent that you can offer in your own words.

When you do this, your posts turn out to be pillar posts and killer posts. You can put vital links to other blogs, if you don’t have much understanding of the concept you are talking about.

3. Your post should not be too long, and with no quality

Some bloggers write long posts. These posts happen to be killer posts and spread like fire. Many of the readers of these blogs would like to do the same. They plunk more time to gather details and pour their hearts to make the post as a killer one. But it fails. Writing a long post doesn’t mean that you produce a killer one.

There are some important things you should keep in mind to keep your long posts successful. Your long post should cover any topic in an exhaustive manner. Each sentence/paragraph should be a magnet for your reader. Don’t use AI generated content!

If you can’t pursue the above rules then don’t go for long posts. Write a dumpy one that would show up your knowledge in your niche.

4. Your heading and content should be relevant

Your title is the promise; hence it should be attractive, but remember you should fulfill promises you’ve made at the titles. Don’t use any magic titles. They can attract some eyes but if you don’t offer quality content, you will fail in your promise. It will be an “Over promise under-delivered”.

A useful tip for writing quality posts is, “write your title first”. So that you will aim to fulfill the promise. If you haven’t done this, you will be writing for search engines, not for human eyes.

5. Don’t argue with your readers

During blogging, some situations may arise when you have to argue with your reader. No need to worry about those situations. Instead, you can use those situations as a chance to show how you are dealing with your blog and what actually you are working with on your blog.

Find a smooth way to correct your readers. If you have to explain your content then you can quote some points from other blogs and give it to your readers with links. They will realize the issue if you point out some real examples and links. Don’t ask them to believe you blindly. They must be fully satisfied.

6. Don’t change your site frequently

I made two changes to my blog over the last 4 months. The change that has been done is only after getting good feedback from my readers. But if I make more changes within a few months, I had to lose some readers.

Readers easily browse their regular reading blogs – but if I often change the design, regular readers may be confused about where is the A? Where is the B? So they will accept your new design with difficulty. But a responsive design is essential for mobile users.

7. Don’t post worthless posts to satisfy post frequency

A new trend has been followed by the blogosphere recently. Filler Posts! Bloggers use some posts to maintain consistency.

Your readers have so many works in their personal and official life. They don’t want you to provide any stuff at regular intervals. They need valuable information alone.

If you make just one post per week and this post will be worth more than ‘a post a day’ concept, then you will get more loyal readers.

8. Don’t jump inside your niche. If you do, consult your readers

You don’t have enough content ideas to write further in your niche or sub-niche that you are concentrating now? I hope that by that time, you will change to the next sub-niche to write and keep consistency. But you must keep in mind what your readers think about your change over? Is it accepted by your readers?

A well-grown blog won’t jump suddenly to any other niche or sub-niche from the current one. They will ask their readers about what readers want to see in the blog or at least they will mention what change they are going to make in writing content.

If you also do it in your blog when you need to go for other topics, your readers will love to share their opinions, suggestions, and warnings to you. It will give you an idea of what to do next.

A simple answer for your doubt of switch over to a new topic: Always ask your readers what they want and make sure that you keep them happy through what you are going to do.

9. Try to convey the information with one standard example. Don’t write an example as another one post.

You always have to explain your content to the level of the basic readers understanding. For that, you will need to use stories and examples. When you try to use these things, remember this – your story or example should explain the point straight and in short.

You should always explain with one or two examples. Don’t go for multiple stories or examples in your post. If you use more stories your readers will go through your post fast, and they won’t read every line. Your efforts will go in vain.

Remember, your readers always and don’t waste their time. Tell them in short. That’s why in recent times, infographics and comics type posts get a better response. Infographics and comics posts tell the whole concept in simple images in short. So depending on how much effort, you will get that much appreciation from your readers.

10. Ads that make your blog ugly

Text link ads and pop up ads are used as a source of making money online. When you try to make money, then no money comes headed for you. But when you work on something hard, that money comes to you. You have to give a lot before making money online. You have to twiddle your thumbs before building up a good readership.

How much you are going to make through these ads? You don’t know how much you are going to make. That’s why you are using these ads. You refresh your statistics and often check your earnings. After some days, your too-low earnings discourage you to continue blogging. Text link ads, and popup ads are not great ways to make money in blogging. Hence at a later stage, these make you feel blogged out.

Final Thought: Do you do any of these mistakes? Stop it and analyze how you can make your blog reader friendly. If you do any of other techniques that improves usability of your blog then tell me what are those techniques?

This article was written by Pascal who writes blogging tips on his Four Blogger blog. He gives away 3 free eBooks for bloggers. You can also submit guest posts and share your blogging tips.

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