Monetize Your Blog Based on Traffic Type

Do you monetize your blog based on site traffic type? You have a blog and really want to make money so you are searching for make money blogging tips, reading guru’s blog tips to make money with your blog. All of them are saying they have earned lots of money and you can too easily if you have good amount of traffic.

So you have kicked away the intention to make money to give more attention to build traffic. Now after working hard you have got reasonable traffic to your blog and now you have applied the method you learnt from blog gurus to monetize your blog and waiting excitingly to see the result.

Oh! I have a huge traffic but I’ve earned nothing! How it is possible!

Yes. It’s possible if you are one of them, then this post is for you.

You have learnt that you can make good amount of money from your blog if you have good amount of traffic. The more traffic you have, the more money you will get. Sounds good right? But I know lots of bloggers who have good amount of traffic but can’t make that amount of money what they should be! So I have find out some technique to resolve this problem. You just have to monetize your blog according to your traffic. Yes you have to know what types of traffic you have. Because money will come from your traffic, not from your blog! So it’s all about traffic. So now let’s see…

Understand Different Types of Site Traffic

Blog traffic is normally three types – Search traffic, Loyal readers and Referral & social media traffic. Those three types of traffic demand different ways. So at first you have to know those three types traffic.

1. Search traffic

It is that traffic which comes to your blog by searching for any particular keyword. They don’t visit your blog often and its not a guarantee that they will be back again! It has been proved that search engine traffic is always very busy with what they are looking for. They just land on a page, scan at once on that page if they find the information they look for, and if they can’t find it they just press their back button or click on a related link from that landing page. They don’t give you much time to show your quality. They don’t care much for your brand. They are very responsive to text ads like Adsense as they provide very similar ads with content. So naturally they don’t like to click on affiliate links!

2. Loyal readers

They are an asset for any blog. Loyal readers are those persons who read your blogs comments and trust you totally. They always build a community. You are popular to them and they really like to read your blog. As I said loyal readers trust their blogger, so here it’s clear they will respond heavily on affiliate programs. They normally don’t want to click on text ads. Last when did you clicked on text ads of your favourite blog?

3. Referral traffic

It is that traffic which comes from another site linked to your site. Actually this types of traffic is complex to me. The purpose of this types of traffic vary according to the site from where they have come to your site. But generally referral traffic is targeted traffic because most of the people link with related site. But the problem with referral traffic is they just visit referral sites aimlessly just to have a look. So they don’t click any ads initially. So the best way is to convert this traffic into loyal readers so that you can make money from them.

So How Should I Monetize My Blog Now?

Well, no one knows the answer of this question better than you! Yes, you already track your visitors so you know about your visitors. I already talked about demands of different types of traffic. So now ask yourself what’s the aim of your blog – is it for search traffic or for loyal traffic or for both.

If you don’t know exactly, just check your traffic stats and find what is your major traffic source? If you get most of your traffic from search engines, then text link ads like Adsense are better for you rather that affiliate programs. And if most of your traffic are loyal readers, then affiliate programs are best for you as they trust you. But what will you do if you get equal traffic from both search engines and loyal readers? Well that is actually good for your income – then you can try both text link ads and affiliate program and will surely work for you.

So now you can see there are many bloggers who get most of their traffic from search engines but they depend on affiliate programs. So at the end they can’t earn at all inspite of having good amount of traffic. On the other hand if most of your traffic are loyal readers, then text link ads won’t work well for you.

That’s why every blogger should research on their traffic and should find a useful monetizing method to monetize a blog.

Guest author Alamin is professional blogger who helps people make money blogging by providing blogging tips at his blog  You can also submit guest posts and share your blogging tips.

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