How to Find Different People Online Using Social Media Tools

Want to search people and new friends via Social media? Even though social media sites provide the facility to specify your interests and find friends that share common hobbies, ‘people search’ is still quite difficult and messy.

Most of the social networking sites including the popular ones like Facebook and Myspace offer limited search functionalities. You can search people by only name, location, company etc. What if you want to find a colleague in your area? You need to have different search parameters like expertise, profession, location, distance etc.

This article explains how to get connected with different people based on different types of search options using few social media tools.

This website provides global people search service based on the interests. Firstly you need to register at their site and and join different relevant networks. Then you need to enter your profile details. You need to best describe your personality to get better results. Inside each network you can expand your profile with unique attributes. For marketing, the attributes can be Internet marketing specialist, advertising specialist, public relations specialist etc.

It works similar to Firstly you need to register in their site. Immediately you can search people based on the categories of work, school, city and phone number. You can search people based on their profession like “dancers, CEO’s, marketers, singers, actors” etc.

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It provides social media profile aggregator service by crawling and uniting profiles from most popular social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace, Linked and Twitter. You can search people by location, name and tags. The search results include profile details like photo, name, age and links to the external networking sites like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc.

There are several other tools that provide global people search service. But I found that the above sites works the best providing the most relevant results.

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