10 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Webmasters

I am going to share 10 useful Google Chrome extensions here that will help you if you are a webmaster. Google Chrome has decent market share in browser market where Firefox and Internet Explorer are the main share holders. Google is making Chrome better with adding more functionality and fixing bugs and developers are coming up with some great extensions for Chrome.

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Here are some of the useful extensions for webmasters who use Google Chrome to browse the web.

1. Chrome SEO

Chrome SEO is the most popular SEO extension for Chrome that provides webmasters with all the statistics and tools they need for optimizing their content for search engines. It comes with a keyword research tool, back links and page rank checker and tools to highlight current traffic and ranking, no follow links, total page indexed, domain details including whois and server location and on-page keyword analysis.

The extension also has the capability of Google Analytics integration and PPC integration (Adwords, Adsense etc). Get Chrome SEO

2. Speed Tracer

Google has recently announced that site speed is considered a parameter in website ranking which means webmasters need to care about their website speed and see what is causing their website to slow down. Speed Tracer is a Chrome extension by Google that measures the performance of your web application and website. It identifies and fixes the performance problems which are caused by site layout, css, javascript code and execution and network resource loading etc.

Give Speed Tracer a try if you feel your blog or web application is slow and do not know the reasons for that. Get Speed Tracer

3. Chrome Editor

If you make changes in the html code of your website quite often, this extension will be a great help for you. Chrome Editor lets you make changes in your website’s html code inside browser so that you do not have to flip between a code editor and a browser. You can save the code locally in your computer for reference or email the code to a friend.

The extension comes with W3C validation service and auto saves the code as you type. There is a list of shortcuts to save your time while coding. Get Chrome Editor

4. Webpage Screenshot

This is the first Chrome extension that takes the screen shot of full webpage (not only the visible page on screen) no matter how long the page is and saves it in a JPG file format. This is a useful extension if you want to display available ad slots on your website or want to show all the sections of your website that are on one page.

This is a local extension which means it does not send any data to any server and is completely private. It has options to upload and share the screenshot image and resizing it to specific size. Get Webpage Screenshot

5. Google Share Button

This official Google Chrome extension lets you share your webpage on social networking and social book marking services. Clicking the extension button will give you options to share a page on sites like Facebook, Digg, Twitter, StumbleUpon, MySpace and many others or you can email the page to a friend.

The frequently used services appear at the top of the list and the extension allows you to add more services to the list. Get Google Share Button

6. CSS Scan

Very useful Chrome extensions that shows a quick overview of CSS properties of the element that the mouse cursor is hovering over. You do not need to view the whole code to see an element’s CSS properties now.

It makes a border around the object for which the css properties are being displayed. A good extension to have if you know how to do CSS and want to have an idea what properties are being used on different sites. Get CSS Scan

7. Site Information Tool

Another SEO extension for webmasters that shows important information about the current page in Chrome including Page rank, Alexa rank, IP information, Whois information and other SEO parameters. The extension provides all critical information about a page like ranking information, page information (meta tags, title etc), the page in social networks and list of top performing keywords in Google.

A very easy way to find all information that takes long time and research otherwise. Get Site Information Tool

8. Chrome Muse

This extension allows users to shorten and expand the URL of any web page with the user’s preferred shortening service. The shortened URL is automatically copied to the clipboard to use in any other service like twitter etc. You can get a short URL with one click having this extension without going to any website.

The extension supports login credentials for services like bit.ly and cli.gs. It scans webpages for shorten urls and automatically expands them to originals. Get Chrome Muse

9. Shareaholic

Another very useful extension that lets you share any webpage with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, Google Buzz etc. The extension currently supports more than 100 services and lets you choose your favorites from options.

It provides one click access to URL shorteners and users can choose keyboard shortcuts for different sharing services. The extension is very light and does not slow down Chrome at all. Get Shareholic

10. Resolution Test

This simple extension is very important for web developers. It allows testing web pages in different resolutions. Resolution Test changes the size of Chrome to show you how a website will look on different screen resolutions.

You can choose one resolution or select multiple and press ‘view all selected’ option which will show the webpage on different selected resolutions. Resolution Test is an easy to use and simple extension for webmasters. Get Resolution Test

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