Top 10 Reasons No One Reads Your Blog

Why does no one read your blog? If you’re unhappy with the traffic numbers for your blog or website it might be time to figure what you’re doing wrong. There are hundreds of common blogger pitfalls but below are the top 10 reasons why people might not care about your blog.


1) It’s boring

It could be that you’re not saying anything new.
It could be that you have nothing to say except self-promotional rubbish.
It could be that your writing style doesn’t appeal to the visitors..

It could be that you keep repeating the same sentence over and over again. (Oops.)

2) Terrible web design

We’re all aware that publishing platforms like WordPress offer thousands of free blog templates but that doesn’t mean you need to use them. Try a little customization.

If you can’t do it then hire someone or get a friend to tweak a few design elements. You don’t have to do anything extensive but a few changes to your design will go a long way. Great logos for your blog can be had for under $100 too.

3) You have no friends

Just like in grade school, you need to make some friends in order to be popular and well liked within your community. We’re not talking Facebook friends here (although they would help somewhat).

Having a hugely successful blog requires you to establish and maintain a lot of mutually beneficial relationships with important people in your niche. You need friends in high places and you need people to sing your praises. You can gain those friends and followers by posting great content, doing interviews with these people, connecting with others in forums and on other blogs, and by trading guest posts.

4) You’ve only been writing for 3 days

Some of the most popular bloggers today have been writing for years. Many of them started writing with no visitors in sight but they kept going through the tough patches. There may be a handful of popular bloggers that don’t spend an incredible amount of time working to improve their blog on a day-to-day basis but those people are rare.

5) Your news site doesn’t break news

People head to the Huffington Post, Perez Hilton, and Tech Crunch because they break stories. If you want to start a blog with news about your topic make sure that you’re the first one to break the news; otherwise your readers will go somewhere else. Commenting on newsworthy topics after the fact is fine but don’t sell your site as a news site if you’re not the first one to the story.

6) You picked a bad niche

Picking a topic to write about is tough. For most bloggers this can be the toughest part of getting a blog started. You don’t want to pick something too broad or competitive but you also want to make sure there is enough interest in your topic to make it worth your time writing about it every day.

The best thing you can do is write about something you love. Start there and then try to pick a sub-niche within that topic that is moderately competitive.

7) The search engines don’t like you

The search engines like links but don’t go worrying your self too much with that. Start by creating great content and telling people about it. That’s the hardest part of the battle.

Learning search engine marketing strategies can help you get found by the search engines but that should be a secondary goal to creating killer content.

8) Your competition is too tough

This doesn’t mean you should give up on your idea of starting a tech, money making or celebrity blog. You can still do well blogging about popular topics but you should pick an angle or sub niche of that topic that isn’t being covered yet or is being covered poorly by someone else. Be known for being different.

9) You are inconsistent

If you’re already well known for something then you can likely get away with posting less often. Otherwise you’re going to have to get down to work and publish something every day or two. The more you post, the more likely people are to come back. If they come back to your blog a few times and there isn’t anything new then they wont keep coming back for long.

10) You’re not creating a conversation, you’re just talking

A blog should be a conversation. Whenever most people see a blog post or a video on Youtube they look to see how many comments are down below. This is because we want to know what other people have to say about a particular post or video. We’ve come to your blog to be part of something so make it easy for us to get involved.

This is a guest post by writer Gary Kohler from Photo by Zen under CC license. You can also write guest posts and share your blogging tips.


  1. Goutham says:

    Thats really a good one and true dude….

  2. Joe Boyle says:

    I have a good reason;

    Your content is complete and utter crap that a 3 year old could create. In fact, a 3 year old could do better.

    If your content is bad, who will want to visit your blog, let alone stay and recommend friends? No one.

  3. Tim says:

    I agree. I am not a person who likes to write. It has always been a chore to me. I have tried to be more interesting in what I say, but it must still come out boring. That makes me not want to post often enough. Thanks for these helpful hints. I will try harder to improve.

  4. igor griffiths says:

    If you do not know what the point of your blog is then neither will your visitors.

    They will get bored with your random content, frustrated at the lack of fresh content as you fail to update. Which is because you do not realise todays success should be recorded on the blog.

    Ultimately they will move onto new sites and remember yours as that random mess

  5. Craig says:

    I would say do little and often. Also only write content when you have something to write about. Do not force an article or post out as you will get frustrated and it will probably be a bit crappy anyway.

    Get a plan together. A new post every week, 2 weeks or even month. Depends on your situation and time frame.

  6. Technolic says:

    Completely agree with your 10 points.

  7. Brian | i-Blogger says:

    A lot of bloggers that are new to blogging – will write a handful of posts, then sit and wonder why the traffic isn’t pouring in. Well – these are the reasons why.

    Great post,

    Brian M. Connole

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