Free New Digg Invites Giveaway

We have 5 free new Digg invites (also called New Digg alpha v4) to giveaway to our readers. We recently got active on the new Digg alpha v4 and Digg graciously gave us 5 invites. Digg keeps reinventing itself, and this is another attempt for Digg to show its new avatar, and possibly show a new more engaged format for the new Digg.

new digg invites

New Digg Alpha Invites

As you are aware, Digg has closed new registrations, and New Digg registrations are invite only, which means you enter your email address and have to wait in queue for your chance to get a Digg invitation.

Digg closes registrations

The new Digg is a wonderful new experience and features a new way to interact with your followers and friends and autosubmit your feeds. This video will show you what is new in the New Digg Alpha.

How to Get a Free New Digg Invite?

Post a comment below with your favorite Digg success secret. Please use the correct email while filling comment details. If there are more entries, we shall choose a winner by List Randomizer in 3 days. If the Digg secrets collection is really great, we might even make a post out of it crediting your secret to you.

Update: Even better – 1000 free new Digg invites going here fast. Just click this free access link to get a new Digg invite instantly.

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