Boost Adsense Revenue with Multiple Color Palettes

Multiple Color Palettes is a cool way to increase Google Adsense revenue. If you are fans of Quick Online Tips, you might have read my previous article regarding 7 key factors to build a successful Adsense income blog. Among those factors, there is one thing that I would like to concentrate on and that is “multiple color palettes”.

Adsense multiple color palettes is a value-added feature that allows you to choose different colors of your Adsense ads in one ad unit. Your Adsense ads will automatically be rotated when the page or posts are refreshed or whenever your sites receive new visits. This optimization tutorial will make your old ad a new one to your readers’ eye and that can lead to better click-through rate (CTR).

Create multiple color palettes in Google Adsense

Just go to your Adsense account and choose the Adsense Setup tab to create a new ad unit for your sites. You will see different Adsense ads type here. Pick “AdSense for Content” and then “Text ads only” to apply this optimization tip and choose your ad size format, let’s say 300x250px.

Multiple Adsense Palettes

In the “Colors” section, you will see the Palettes drop-down menu. Click on that and go to the end to get “Use multiple palettes…”. Select this to deploy this tip. Now, you should Hold ‘CTRL’ or ‘Command’ to select multiple palettes as shown in the image below.

Adsense color palettes

Choose whatever color palettes available to rotate in your site. You can create new pre-designed color palettes if you want too. Click “Continue” to go to the “Channel” section where you should create one channel for this palette to see how good it is. That is almost done!

Now, you can copy the code and paste on your blog. You can test yourself by opening a new post and the old color palettes will be replaced with new ones.

Most successful Adsense color palette?

That is an interesting question for many of us. I must say again that the “no size fits all” slogan can apply to this question too. The color palette should carefully be blended to match your design, background and font. You can not use red color for your AdSense ads in your blog where your background is also in red as no one can see your ads at all.

You must be creative in choosing the right color palettes for your site based on different criteria like background, title format, font color…  To help you know what the most successful color palette is for you, I would recommend you visit Google suggestions on how to choose the best color palettes for AdSense.

Good luck to you all and I am happy to hear your feedback too.

Guest author Tran Tinh is a disabled blogger from Vietnam who can make over $2,000 per month from blogging and is now blogging at A-Z Blogging Tips. View our guest blogging guidelines.


  1. Julian says:

    does it choose the palette randomly ?

  2. Michael says:

    Great tip. Thanks.
    I had not paid any attention when Google sent me the notice of Multiple Color Palettes for my main web site, but I can see where it would really help on my blog.

  3. Adsense Blogging | Search Engine Optimisation says:

    Awesome tips, I agree with you. Nowadays, blending adsense ads with your content is no longer works well. You should make them different instead.

  4. Tech Crates says:

    Was unaware that this is possible… will try this out. Never know which works best :-)

  5. Cool Jokes Sms says:

    Dear I have changed my color palette to multiple but still no changes are shown into my blog. What to do?

  6. Diana says:

    I hope I can boost my adsense revenue with your tips here, thanks for share.

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