How to Prevent Blog Content Theft

Can you prevent blog content theft? Are you concerned of your blog content being scraped from autoblogs or other websites? Many of you are not concerned about this as you think it is simple that you can get more traffic than those scraping websites and only original content can rank higher in SERPs.

But, what happens if your original content cannot rank higher than the scraped content?

Logically, original contents should rank higher than the scraped one and Google should understand this rule. However, there are many cases that the scraped contents rank higher than the original. That is a serious problem as you will definitely loose traffic.

Prevent Blog Content Theft

There is an interesting topic at Webmaster World which is highlighted on the homepage that mentions about the original content of one website which is scraped from a Chinese blogger and ranks higher than the original. All complaints are submitted to Google and but no reply so far.

After reading many replies from experts, I have learnt a lot that can help me protect my content from copying. This has happened with my old blog once and I have successfully removed them not by Google, but by their hosting services.

Here are some tips that you should consider when identifying your contents are scraped by other websites:

1. Report to Google through Webmaster Tools

This is the first step and Google Webmaster Tools can help to remove the contents from their SERPs. However, it is very difficult as many bloggers fail filing these issues and got no response from Google.

2. Report to

if those blogs are hosted on blogspot: It can also be a great option if the scraped websites are hosted on Many blogs have been deleted after report is submitted.

3. Submit to DMCA

This is another way that can get your contents removed from the scraped websites by submitting request to DMCA. If you are using its paid service, you will be happy as they guarantee to get those contents removed.

4. Delay your feed updates

Normally, autoblog plugins use feed address to retrieve contents from your blog. If you set it to be updated immediately after you publish, you should delay it for one day or more. You can use plugin like GD Press Tools to do so. This will ensure that your original content has enough time indexing in SERPs.

5. Use excerpts for feed

You can set your feed to excerpt rather than full feed. This can prevent people from stealing your content. Or at least, you can get some traffic from those excerpts.

6. Put copyright text in feed footer

You can use GD Press Tools or other WordPress plugins to do this by adding a small text in your feed footer with your websites URL. This can help inform readers that the content is not original.

7. Report to hosting or domain services

If the scraped websites is using other hosting services, you can whois or other services to see where the websites are hosted with. Contact the hosting providers to inform them about this. If it is US or other Western hosting services, you will surely get those accounts suspended soon. I have done this step and got the scraped websites suspended in two days with GoDaddy.

Those are necessary steps for your consideration when your content is scraped by autoblogs. Try to use all of them to get your content removed from the scraped sites.  Good luck and I am happy to hear your suggestions or comments on your experiences.

Guest author Tran Tinh is a blogger from Vietnam who can make over $2,000 per month from blogging and is now blogging at A-Z Blogging Tips. You can also guestblog here and share your content safety tips.


  1. AZ Marketing says:

    I think you cannot submit for DCMA because there are some reason.

    If that blog put in the location that the server allow for wrez, then done.

    If you are new blog and the article posted in old blog and that old blog was get indexed first, before you. Done.

    If your article was stolen by someone and publish in everywhere. Also done.

    • Tinh says:

      I do not think so friend as I have done this successfully. Just have whois and see where it is hosted and have a look at hosting TOS, you can find the wat to submit to DCMA. I mean just remove the blog that stole my contents and if it has been submitted elsewhere like social bookmarking sites, it is fine as it returned suspended page or 404 errors :-)

  2. harly says:

    What I have started doing is adding a copyright disclaimer to the very beginning of each new post and in the excerpt. But I only keep it there as long as the post is the latest. As I make new posts, which hasn’t been very often lately, I take the copyright disclaimer off the last post and put it on the newest one.

    • Tinh says:

      The issue can happen again if the theft manually copy your contents rather than using autoblog plugin.

  3. Web Design Norwich says:

    This seems to be a problem that needs to be fixed.

  4. Wallace says:

    Report to DMCA is definitely works, you can also contact their web hosting.

    • Tinh says:

      That is what I have done @Wallace. I have found out that my contents were stolen by a friend and I contacted him and fortunately he agreed to removed all of them.

  5. Julian says:

    how long does it take for Google Webmasters team to strip away the theft content from SERP ?

    • Tinh says:

      There is no deadline for that as far as I knew. You can boost the process by notifying the hosting service and you can get their account suspended within one or two days :-)

  6. Xamuel says:

    Meh… just load your posts with links to yourself. Then if anybody rips them off, they’re giving you free backlinks :D

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      I think that is why most bloggers add backlinks in RSS feeds. Content scrappers are giving free backlinks and bloggers are now less worried.

      • Tinh says:

        You are right, we can not prevent others scraping contents but we can include internal links either in the body or in RSS to get free backlinks

  7. Martik says:

    If you add copyright law to your contents, you mat loose your visitors!

    Let the world be FREE! Copy from each other as you can.

    • Tinh says:

      No, I can not agree with you as there two types of blogs in the world, copy and genuine and all people love genuine. Why bloggers love reading copied contents while genuine come before from those who understand it the most and can answer readers’ comments the best?

  8. Gautam says:

    What’s really frustrating is, a website copies your content / scraps from your RSS feed, and they rank better than you!

    There are two sites, one well known and seems to be popular, and the other is a fairly new one. I’ll try and contact those guys before taking any further action.

    Btw, I have turned on ‘Summary’ option for feeds in my wordpress, but still these sites manage to show full content. Anything that I need to do in Google Feedburner to prevent full display of RSS feed content ?

  9. Vietnam Railways says:

    Truly this is an extremely difficult job. I’ve stolen so many times on the content of my website. I sent mail to contact them and ask them to remove. But they do not give up, they would even be the creator of that content. I’m really disappointed in those cases.

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