10 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Marketers

Which are the best Google Chrome Extensions for Marketers? Google Chrome, the browser that has become very popular with online users, has recently published their extensions. These new extensions include tools that will be beneficial to anyone trying to develop their brand online.

They will allow users to customize Google Chrome with features they like, while keeping their browsers free of clutter. These extensions include seo plugins, social tools, blog extensions and more. Following are ten of their best extensions, not in any particular order.

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Marketers

1. Search Center: Allows users to search multiple sites without retyping search information. Sites include Amazon, eBay, Twitter, Wikipedia, Google, IMDb and more. This unique extension also allows the user to add their favorite websites to their search options. This extension will be a great addition to the marketer’s arsenal, especially when they have a lot of research to accomplish.

2. Chrome SEO: An excellent set of SEO tools to assist the online marketer in analyzing their competition. Current features include:

  • NoFollow links highlighted
  • Current number of backlinks
  • A tool for keyword research
  • Number of social bookmarks
  • Current page rank and traffic count
  • Domain details and more

3. SEO Status Pagerank/Alexa Toolbar: This is a very fast extension designed to check the Google and Alexa page rank. The unique thing about this extension is it goes directly to Google and Alexa for the information, not through a third party.

4. WOT (Web of trust): This browsing tool will flag risky sites giving the user an extra layer of security when browsing the internet. Popular e-mail accounts such as Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Gmail are also protected.

5. META SEO Inspector: Although this extension is predominantly used by webmasters to stay in compliance with Google’s guidelines, it does offer useful information about competitor’s sites that the marketer can use on their own website’s landing pages and blogs.

6. SEO Quake: This tool helps optimize web campaigns. The user can view information on the following parameters:

  • NoFollow links
  • Delicious index
  • Age of web archive
  • Whois link
  • Google page rank, index, and more

7. bit.ly: Allows users to shorten their URL’s and share instantly from their browser. It also allows users to preview page titles and metrics before clicking them.

8. Snippy: This extension allows users to grab pieces of information from the web for later use. The unique thing about this extension is that the snippets of information captured, retains its original formatting including any links or images.

9. Kuber Page Rank Checker: This SEO tool quickly posts the web page’s Google page rank next to its address box. It also provides the web site traffic, and how quickly it is growing.

10. Shareaholic for Google Chrome: Allows users to share any web page they find interesting right from the page they are on. Users can quickly post the page to Twitter, Delicious, Facebook, Digg, Evernote, Gmail and more. Features of this extension include:

  • Enhanced productivity
  • Absolutely secure and requires no registration
  • Maintaining the bookmark bar’s tidiness
  • Loading quickly and will not slow down Google Chrome
  • Offering quick access to popular URL shorteners
  • Enabling users to synchronize extension settings across multiple browsers and computers

This is just a sampling of the extensions available for Google Chrome We suggest you take a little time, browse the extensions available, download the ones that look interesting and try them out.

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