Why Go for Pennies, If Making Millions is Just As Hard?

What makes you think you will get rich? This is an uncomfortable query. A lot of people would come up with the answer: “because I am clever, and I am willing to work hard.” Are you one of those people? If that’s the way you think, it’s easy to guess your income you’re getting from Adsense. It’s below $30 a day, isn’t it?

I realized that being “smart” and being eager to work day and night is in fact what won’t make you wealthy. Please note, wealthy people are never hard workers. Rich people know that the most valuable resource is time, so they never trade their time.

If you’re ready to work 24h a day, it means you don’t value your time. As a result, you will end up not having time to think and become poor, no matter how hard you work.

1. Be Lazy

That’s right, wealthy people often happen to be lazy. But they don’t spend much time starring at the TV, believe me. Instead, they spend time thinking about how to make other people do what they have to do. People that have no money are hard workers, whereas rich people are hard thinkers. Wealthy people never work for their money. They make money work for them.

If you are willing to work in order to succeed with Adsense, you will loose a lot of time and won’t make some SERIOUS money. It is because there are just 24 hours that you have every day. Even if you work twenty hours, that’s not enough to get wealthy.

Value your time and never sell it. Don’t become a free self-employed clever laborer. It’s not possible to be an marketer, programmer, content writer, search engine optimization specialist at once. It takes years to become a specialist at each of those fields. Furthermore, you will not find enough time to perform all those tasks on a regular basis. Don’t even attempt to do this.

2. Be Stupid

Rich people never consider themselves smart. Often, they have very vague idea about the market they are in. But they do surround themselves with highly educated advisers; they make use of the top specialists who do all the job for them.

Notice, if you think that you’re smart, you start to believe that you are able to do everything yourself. This is not the way to get wealthy. Those who got successful at Adsense work in teams. This is what you should do too.

3. Distinguish Between Job and Business

A lot of people don’t distinguish between job and business. To make it clear for you, let’s say you have created a high traffic blog that makes thirty dollars a day, for which you write 2 posts a day. Is this a good business? No, it’s not. That’s a pretty poor job.

So, what is a real business then? It is a SYSTEM that can be left any time, so that it grows and keeps making you even more money whether you spend time on it or not. That is the difference between a great blog and Ebay. Or, a single hamburger stand and McDonald’s.

Now you are able to understand why rich people don’t sell their time: getting paid for your time is perhaps the worst use of it. Conversely, if you spend time on inventing an autonomous system (asset), it will be putting money in your pocket for the rest of your life.

In other words, if you have spent 1 hour working on the system, you will be getting paid for as many hours as you can live. If you’ve spent one hour at the job, you will get paid once. That hour won’t have a positive financial impact on your future.

4. Don’t Save. Start Investing!

People that don’t have money often spend all their time and energy on not spending money. Whereas wealthy people focus on multiplying their money. Note saving money is quite an old idea that might have worked long time ago, but does not anymore.

If you keep your earnings in your wallet or bank, the value of it goes down fairly fast because of the inflation. So, it’s very important to keep your money circulating, and it’s even more important to play it smart. If you don’t know about investing, hire a financial adviser.

Especially at the very beginning of your Adsense career it’s important to invest money in the internet marketing. Buy links and advertisement space that will burst your traffic, and hence, earnings.

A lot of people who have just begun their adventure in online business fail to think that they can make lots of money with no money spent. That is impossible, unless you are a self-employed worker eager to work for free, hoping to begin earning 30 bucks a day at some point.

Do you realize how much time you have to spend to learn and implement all those skills that are required to make 30 bucks a day? If you calculate how much money you have made and hours spent on developing your online “business” over one year, it will turn out that you have been working hard earning about one dollar per hour. Isn’t it crazy?

So you want to get wealthy soon, and are not willing to spend a couple of bucks to hire a team? It is not serious. If your goal is to get rich, you must be spending some money regularly. You have to pay for internet marketing, high quality content, search engine optimization services, etc.

If you play it smart, it will make you wealthy. If not, learn your lesson and move on.

5. What if I Have No Money?

Is that what you think? That’s the way poor people think, meaning that you can’t think like that if you want your earnings to change. Even though you don’t have much money, you still can do lots of things to implement those ideas. How? Here is just a couple of ideas:

  • Write a business plan. It doesn’t have to be very detailed. In fact, anyone can do it. If you do not know how to do it, hire someone, or just learn it yourself – this skill will will become very valuable in the future, therefore it’s totally worth the time.
  • Submit the business plan to people who might be your potential investors. If your plan is good, you will find investors sooner or later. If you don’t, it means your idea is bad, and that’s the way you know you must come up with a better idea. If the idea you came up with is profitable and the business plan makes sense, it is fairly easy to find an investor. The hardest part is negotiating the contract, not finding investor.
  • Get a loan – if you do not get enough founding from investors, you can apply for a business loan at your bank. If your business plan looks reliable, your chances of getting a loan are high.
  • Offer your team a slice of your earnings. Thus you can build a loyal team of people who honestly believe in your success. Those employers are priceless, since they realize that it is up to them whether you succeed as a team, or not. A team comprised of such people is much more effective than a group that gets paid per hours.

Brainstorm and generate more ideas! Trust me, you can generate much more ideas that will make you wealthy.

Guest author Michael Fridman is a successful entrepreneur. He created a number of profitable internet businesses and now is willing to teach you how to become rich by creating internet assets and generating passive income online. To learn more, visit his blog SiteMonetized.com. You can also guestblog here and share your money making tips.

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