How to Make Money From Your Blog Which Started As a Hobby

You started your new blog as a platform to share your hobbies and ideas to the world. You have quite good number of articles which are result of your own experiences in life. You have lot of tips to offer to the rest of world. You have really unique content in your blog. Suddenly you realized that your blog which you started just a hobby can actually earn money for you. You will be delighted to hear that it’s true.

Blogs can generate a steady (sometimes extraordinary income) income for you provided they are popular and lot of people visit your blog on daily basis. Next question arises to you. How to promote your blog? Though you have written quite handful of good informative articles, world will not see it until you promote your blog in right and creative ways.

Make Money Blogging

There are many ways (and the list is growing) to earn from your blog. What I am focusing in this article is how to generate traffic for your blog. Traffic is money in blogosphere. I suggest you to take this sentence literally. Take close look on below methods and strategies (and implement of course) which will help to build steady and growing traffic for your blog. Needless to mention, it takes no time to convert traffic into a steady income.

1. Write articles which solve people’s problems – Always keep in mind that people came to your blog looking or something which actually helps them in solving their issue. Let me fill in the blanks now. The something is nothing but information. Always make sure that you write informative blog articles. You need not be a professional writer or journalist, but your article should provide value for readers. Your goal should be not only attracting readers but to make them loyal visitors.

2. Get serious – You have dreamed to convert your blog to a money earning source. This is good. Please accept the fact that your dream won’t come true if you don’t put your investment for blogging. What is your investment then? Time. This is the (only) investment you need in your new blogging business. Invest dedicated time for blogging, promotion and online activities.

3. Stop being boring. Blogging is fun – I know, my previous tip was scary. I did not mean to scare you. I told you put serious efforts, not to become a serious person :-) Blogging is fun and full of joy. Enjoy every aspect of it, whether it’s writing your new article or promoting your best post or any online activity. Spice up your working area with cool accessories. Convert your computer desk into a vibrant workstation. After all, a vibrant atmosphere inspires new and fresh idea which can convert into blog posts.

4. Understand basics of CSS, Photoshop and Dream weaver – Since you decided to become a successful blogger, try learning basics of CSS and Photoshop. These skills will help you to tweak your blog layouts and build a brand for your blog.

5. It is now time to promote your blog. Start with basics – Always start with Google. Submit your blog to search engines starting with Google. Submit your blog to major search engines. There are few websites which submit your blog to multiple search engines like Scrubtheweb.

6. Submit your blog to blog directories and carnivals – Yes. This works. Spend time in registering yourself in blog directories and submit your blog there. You can check BlogCatalog, Technorati or BlogVille.

7. Leverage the benefits of guest posting – This is one of the overlooked methods in the process of increasing blog traffic. Write articles as a guest blogger in various high traffic blogs. Your article will be showcased in front of thousands of visitors and at least hundreds of them may be interested in knowing more about you or your other articles. It just takes a click for them to land on your page. Include a link back to your own blog in the resource box.

8. Commenting on other blogs – This method is one of the easiest methods to get back links for your blog. However, add genuine, value adding comments after reading the post. Don’t just add a comment for the sake of adding a comment. In fact a single good comment can pull good traffic back to your blog.

9. Work smart – There is no a substitute for hard work. That’s smart work. Use Google keyword tool for keyword optimization which helps you for tweaking your articles and article titles. Use Google Analytics to analyze your blog traffic. Be informed that you need not invent everything from scratch. Research online and you will find a matching widget/plug-in for you. Million thanks to those guys who provide wonderful plug-ins.

10. Time to earn money from your blog – You have come a long way now. Your blog has now good traffic and a pretty decent daily page views. You can earn money from your blog by displaying advertisements, affiliate marketing and other many ways. Talk to Google whether you can incorporate Adsense in your blog. You can also try Adbrite, Bidvertiser, Chitika Emails, and Amazon Affiliates.

11. Consistency is the key – All above tips will work only when you do them in consistent manner. I am sure you will. After all, your blog is poised to make your living life.

Guest Author Naveen Kulkarni is a Database Programmer and Information Technology professional with decades of years of experience at . He also explores web designing and development. You can also share your blogging tips and guestblog here.

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14 comments on “How to Make Money From Your Blog Which Started As a Hobby

  1. Vinnilaa Aurumugam says:

    Thank you for such a great advice

  2. FELIPE says:

    i love this post. i have told my friend harry about this because he likes this sort of info as well!

  3. movies5star says:

    yah….. yo are right…
    Like what I am doing now, with my site.
    I make money with CPA lead on my blog (wordpress), it’s funtastic for me. But my site is still new.

    thanks dude,keep good posting , always.

  4. Statue Fan says:

    There are also other benefits. Im hoping for some free products for review on my blog at some point in the future. :)

  5. mrshadow says:

    The thing is that.. it’s very hard to earn some money from blogging, you have to be very patient.

  6. Namit Gupta says:

    Comprehensive Article. Search Engines are consistent source of traffic. Optimizing blog for Search Engines is also an important task for getting good traffic.

    • Naveen Kulkarni says:


      SEO is also one of the key element because organic traffic from search engines plays major role in blog’s success.
      Thanks for reading the article. Good Luck.

  7. mra says:

    Great tips for any blogger. People like me can learn a lesson and get inspiration. Thanks.

  8. Swamykant says:

    Nice article. While reading this post I remembered how I started with blogging as Hobby


  9. Santel says:

    I am trying now to convert my blog into niche blog, but very difficult to find a good balance,

    I still need time to create more contents for the niche I choose.

  10. Naveen Kulkarni @ Winning Ideas says:

    Are you blogging Full time or Part time? If part time, fix a time in the early morning or evening for blogging activities. You can work on blog promotion on weekdays. Utilize your weekends for writing fresh articles.

    Good Luck.

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