Google Automatic Self-Driving Cars [Video]

Google claims to have developed technology for automated self driving cars that can drive themselves. Google automated Toyota Prius cars, assisted by trained operators drove across Calfornia, USA  and have logged over 140,000 miles. Google says it is a first in robotics research.

The automated cars powered by data from Google data centres, which processes enormous data to sync detailed maps, with video cameras, laser range finders and other radar sensors built on the car – leading to the car being able to drive safely on the road without accidents.

Robert Scoble had an opportunity to spot, chase and record these self driving cars in the videos below.

Google is already mapping the world with its Google Street View Cars, Snowmobiles and Tricycles. If you are driving on Highway 1 between San Francisco and Los Angeles, you might actually spot this Google Toyota Prius car with a strange cylinder on the roof – and a driver who is sitting back and enjoying the view, while not actually driving. Automated cars are finally here for real, and Google is making it a reality.


  1. sms2life says:

    nice car

  2. majalah says:

    Wow… cool car. Now, Google expand their business kingdom to offline world.

  3. George Flanigan says:

    Google has the automated car! Which can save gas and is safer to drive. What about the auto that is guaranteed to be the safest ever made? We can can guarantee no one will be injured in a car accident. We can not guarantee you will not be crused,burned or drowned. Inventions save lives youtube Linkedin George Flanigan inventor. I am trying to contact the engineers in auto research at google. Can you send me an email address for Google auto reseach? George Flanigan

  4. bill alee says:

    does dis only been applied to a specific cars?

  5. DriveawayRay says:

    Well….this seems scary with so many hazards on the road.

    But, having said that an aircraft can be programmed to take off, fly to it’s destination and land….all on it’s own. Makes you think why they need pilots then.

    The only thing that the aircraft can’t do is taxi itself from the runway to the terminal building. Looks like with google tech they can do this as well.

  6. achal jain says:

    can any one help me in making this automatic car model for my university criteria of giving a major project,i want to make its model as my major project,if any official know about this this plz help me.i want to make a lighter version of its,that will b applied to our normal indian cars at normal rate please help out.any guidance will b considered as a help!!

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