Print Facebook Friends Poster

A new service PrintingFacebook lets you create a cool Facebook Friends Poster, which you can create, print, buy and paste on your room wall.

facebook posterPrintingFacebook is created by Benjamin Lotan, who uses Fuji Crystal Archive photo paper to print high resolution, high quality print posters.  They will print a 20 by 40 inch poster, which is  just the right size to post on a wall and really engage with the images.

You can decide spacing between your friends’ pictures, margin spacing and choose the background color –  black, white, and two shades of facebook blue.  You can also print Groups and Fan Pages. Of course you will need to connect with your Facebook account to grab the images for the poster.

So what is the cost? Only $20 and they ship to US only, with a flat rate of $6 for shipping and handling. Buy your Facebook Poster today. [No financial interest]

Update: It seems the service is discontinued. But you can still easily create Facebook friend poster yourself.

Go to your friends list and take screenshots where Facebook shows friends groups. You can do this by using any screen capture software like Irfanview or Snagit. Then you can simply paste on the blank canvas or template of any poster printing service like Vistaprint. You might need to do this several times repeatedly. You can also manually include or exclude selected friends to customize your own special or favorite friends together.

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