Print Your Facebook Friends Poster

A new service PrintingFacebook lets you create a cool Facebook Friends Poster, which you can create, print, buy and paste on your room wall.

facebook posterPrintingFacebook is created by Benjamin Lotan, who uses Fuji Crystal Archive photo paper to print high resolution, high quality print posters.  They will print a 20 by 40 inch poster, which is  just the right size to post on a wall and really engage with the images.

You can decide spacing between your friends’ pictures, margin spacing and choose the background color –  black, white, and two shades of facebook blue.  You can also print Groups and Fan Pages. Of course you will need to connect with your Facebook account to grab the images for the poster.

So what is the cost? Only $20 and they ship to US only, with a flat rate of $6 for shipping and handling. Buy your Facebook Poster today.


  1. Harsh Agrawal says:

    Looks like a nice service but again they only Ship in U.S.A at this moment.. They are supposed to start U.S Shipping on 11 oct…Still waiting for update!!

  2. lyndsey says:

    Let me know when this is available in the UK – I’ll be first in line!

  3. Michelle says:

    This is a cool idea but, I would not want all of those people looking at me. What happens when you have your whole room posted with all of those peoples faces? Creepy!

  4. Simon says:

    Awesome idea but come on, facebook is a worldwide service and it would cost so little to ship worldwide! $20 would cover all the costs I’m sure but if they are adding another $6 for shipping then that would definitely cover worldwide shipping!!

    I may have to make a UK or rest of the World service to compete!!

    Thanks for letting us know about this though!

  5. Mervik Haums says:

    Wow.. Cool..

  6. Julian says:

    can i download the generated poster and print it myself?


  7. Jerry says:

    Can poster be sorted by games played?

  8. david says:

    Wow is very late for me now

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