10 Reasons Why New Blogs Fail

Many bloggers don’t even make it to a full year. The truth is, blogging is much more difficult than most people realize. It seems easy enough, keep an online diary on a topic you love and people will read it, right? Wrong. I’ve witnessed so many blogs rev up…and burn right back down. Avoid these common pitfalls to stick around for the long haul!

1. If I build it they will come

Not true. The internet is enormous. Sure someone might stumble on your page by accident. It’s not likely though. If you want people to read your blog, you need to go get your readers. There are people out there that want to read what you have to say. You can write the best content on the planet, if you don’t promote it; it’s as if you are writing into a black hole.

2. I refuse to share anything personal about myself

In that case, it might as well be a robot writing your blog. Blogs are personal. No matter what the subject matter, a robotic unemotional blog is not going to have many fans. If you don’t get personal, you have a website. Not a blog. This doesn’t mean you write about every diaper you change or girl you date. It just means you write like a human being with emotions.

3. You reveal too much personal information about yourself

What is the main focus of your blog? Does it really make sense to go into full details about the cavity you just had filled? If you have a dental blog…maybe so. If you have a crafting blog, probably not. Use discretion, and remember your online persona does not have to showcase every facet of your real life personality.

4. Social media is not worth the time

Do you know where the majority of your readers are right now? They are on Facebook. They are on Twitter. They want you to make a fan page for your blog. They want you to update it. That might be the only way they see your content nowadays. Bloggers are expected to be social; therefore you need to be involved in social media to have any kind of success.

5. You aren’t a team player

Bloggers do not have competition. They have colleagues. Become active within your niche and participate. Even if you think blog hops are silly wastes of time…if it’s something that your niche participates in…put on your sneakers and hop along. Most niches work with each other. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.  If you are always the one taking, you will not be popular with other bloggers in your niche. This means they won’t link to you and won’t look for you when they need something.

6. You get too big for your britches

You’ve been blogging a few months, you have decent traffic, a loyal readership…and you take it for granted. You don’t post on a reliable schedule. You get complacent with your status in the blogging world. The next thing you know, your readers are gone.  I guarantee even professional bloggers network daily.  Your readers follow you because they are interested. If you stop providing what they came for, they will stop coming.

7. You turn into a paid advertisement

You decided you want to make an income blogging. This doesn’t mean you turn your blog into one big fat advertisement.  If you consistently give nothing but positive opinions on products and link your readers to spam, they won’t come back. You want to get paid for what you do, but to keep getting paid…you need the trust and respect of your readers. If I don’t trust you, I won’t click your affiliate link.

8. You don’t offer anything unique

If you are an exact cookie cutter of another blog, it will show. Every blogger is unique. We all have something special to bring to the table. If you aren’t showcasing your own voice and your own ideas, you are simply being a copycat. You have to have passion for your topic, and you have to be original in some way.

9. You try to be all things to everybody

I am a people pleaser. I don’t like people to be upset with me. This is the hardest part of blogging for me. Not everyone thinks what I post is the next best thing to sliced bread. Not everyone always agrees with me. This is a fact that as a blogger, I have to accept. I can’t bend over backwards to please everyone. I won’t keep every reader who happens upon my blog. If I tried, I would be miserable. Don’t even try.

10. You stop participating in life

Your mind becomes overwhelmed with the possibilities for your blog. So much so that you realize you are living for your blog. Every moment is a bloggable moment. Every picture you take is set up so you can post it. You turn down obligations because they aren’t blog-worthy. Your blog should enhance your life, not take it over.

Being a blogger is probably the hardest job I’ve had in my life. The hours are insane, the day is never done, and the return doesn’t always reflect the effort put in-yet.

It would be so easy to give up. I refuse to give up. The professional bloggers don’t give up. They work for their money, but most of all, they work for their readers.

Never lose sight of why you started your blog. I started to help people. To teach them what I had to learn the hard way. Bloggers are successful when they are active within their niche, earn the trust and loyalty of theirs readers and when they participate in life.

Guest author Heather Shaw writes a family blog about frugal living called FamilyFriendlyFrugality.com. She posts about great deals, frugal recipes and activities and family fun! You can also share your blogging tips here.


  1. Bilal Ahmad says:

    I have never spend time in facebook and twitter. I admit that, social media is now the only possible way to drive traffic. I will surely think seriously about social marketing.

    • Swamykant says:

      Hi Bilal

      Facebook and Twitter are good means to drive. The visitors who came via these channels are highly valuable, because they not only increase your pageviews, also increases the brand reputation

  2. Aurangzaib Qumbrani says:


    But besides the point, patience and continuity with blogging is very much important!

    And one of the main reasons behind the failures of the newbie bloggers is that they take SEO [damn] seriously. And that’s where they start making errors by using forced keywords and other stupid stuff!

    “Be Natural and Blog for your Readers not Search Engines!”

  3. Data structure interview questions says:

    Ya i completely agree with what u told above….New bloggers who create bogs should have patient

  4. The Link Medic says:

    Some sound advice here. My biggest piece of advice to new bloggers is if you find blogging fun and you can handle the technical aspect of it KEEP DOING IT. Eventually you will grow and learn and gain readers and continue to have FUN. Don’t let doubt get in your way just keep creating awesome posts and new ways to expand your blog.

  5. Technology News Blog says:

    I couldn’t have sum up the points better than you.
    Many blogs are just out there to rewrite articles from other blogs. They don’t have their say in the blogging world. This is the main reason of their failure. You have to provide value to your readers to become successful.

  6. dee8 says:

    So many people seem to lack the patience it reqeuires…some great pointers here.

  7. haute belle says:

    People choose smart topics and write, unable to give quality as a result blogging falls flat . Instead bloggers should post something which is their area of interest . And instead of blindly following the trend of other bloggers try to be as original as possible . Doesn’t matter if flowery language is not used , length of the blog is not long . I’m sure if you can engage in an interesting conversation your blogs can be as interesting . Last but the most important factor is that not all activities are meant for all . Some people just don’t have a knack for writing that’s why blogging fails .

  8. uchu says:

    very interisting, But besides the point, patience and continuity with blogging is very much important!

  9. Simon Dodd says:

    Great list, I was hoping to be able to add to it but I’m pretty sure you have everything covered. It is so true that blogging takes up a lot of time if you do it properly. People on the Internet are very fickle and their attention spans are very short so if you stop posting new information and forget about your readers they will leave very quickly and start looking elsewhere for the information!

    Thanks for the tips though, always good to keep them in mind!


  10. u10 says:

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  11. Bilal Ahmad says:

    Swamykant@ Yes i agree with you and that is why i realized now.

  12. Balaji says:

    The FACT

  13. Flash Banners says:

    yes i agree,
    another thing that i would like to mention hare is that,the blogger should not pretend to be authoritative,it is the fact that they are,but they should bear somethings from users and encourage them..

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  16. Robin Shah says:

    Will surely look out on this point on my way of journey :)

  17. Seo blogger says:

    The journey is still on.

  18. Kelly says:

    Thanks for sharing the great tips.It reallymade me see how things are pone properly, an if I want to gain readers, then I need to be very social and keep up with what I do. Thanks.

  19. foodie cravings says:

    I started my food blog earlier this year and had debated about whether to make it personal / to add relevant advertising. Your tips confirmed the decisions I made were for the right reasons :) thanks!

  20. Melissa says:

    Great points made here.. thanks for opening my mind!

  21. Sandipan says:

    One of the most important challenges before a blogger is figuring out how to enrich and add value to the audience and in so doing to stand out from the pack in a meaningful way.

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