Got Your Favorite .Com Domain Name Today? Or Was it .CO?

Did you really just register your favorite .com domain name, or were you too excited to read .co correctly? My friend excitedly emailed me that he had finally registered his own name as a .com domain name – something I know he has been trying to do for several years, but the domain was always booked to some else.

He likes to keep trying all kinds of alternative domain names at Godaddy, the worlds largest domain name registrar. So he was in luck and managed to buy it today. As I opened the url, the domain still redirected to someone else’s website!! He had bought a .co domain name instead of .com, by mistake.

I visited the Godaddy front page and it now features .co as the default domain name registration option (instead of .com)

godaddy .co domain names

So if you don’t read carefully, and engage in a quick buy, you could end up buying a .co domain name instead of .com. GoDaddy must be selling thousands of domain names each day, and this is a significant change on their website, which will surely boost the sale of .co domain names.

Godaddy benefits because .co domain names are more expensive and cost $29.99 against $11.69 for a .com domain name. Moreover,  if you fill in the domain name you always wanted and are not careful to look for .co, you get a higher possibility for an available  .co domain name, which you are going to buy quickly in the excitement.

So be careful to read while registering domain names, as more domain name registrars might follow and you could end up buying a .co domain, instead of you most wanted dot com.

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