South Korea Has Fastest Internet Connection Speeds

Which country has the fastest Internet connections across the world? South Korea has the Fastest Internet Connection Speeds with an average connection speed of almost 17 Mbit/s!

Royal Pingdom analysed the real-world connection speeds for people in the top 50 countries on the Internet, i.e. the countries with the most Internet users… and the results are in.

internet speeds

Surprisingly US is not in the top and is at 12th position at 4.6 Mbits/s. India is far behind at 45th position with 0.82 Mbits/s. What is notable is that China, although the largest country on the Internet, still lags behind when it comes to Internet connection speeds, with average of 0.86 Mbit/s, far below the world average of 1.8 Mbit/s.

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  1. Gouthaman Karunakaran says:

    That’s cool. I’d love to go to South Korea for Vacation now! xD

  2. u10 says:

    well thats looks good u10 article to read, but anyway i like it as much as u10 games

  3. Xiaofeng says:

    East Asia people is by far the cleverest people in the world,including Chinese,ha ha.

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