Download Dropbox 1.0

Download Dropbox 1.0 now and install the latest Dropbox version released after a long time.  Dropbox now promises to many bug fixes, vastly reduced resource usage and support for extended attributes, selective sync, and a new installation wizard.

Since I have started using Dropbox, it has been super easy to sync files across multiple computers and mobile devices including smartphones. I highly recommend Dropbox as an essential must have software. It will change the way you work.

What version of Dropbox are you using?

I tried to find my Dropbox version in all preferences, settings etc., but could not locate any about page where I could find my version. Apparently it is very simple. Simply roll over the mouse over the Dropbox icon in the bottom right toolbar – and a pop up informs you about your version.

dropbox version

Well so I was running  an outdated version 0.7.110. I presumed Dropbox should autoupdate to the latest version automatically (like Google Chrome) since it has upgrade software on multiple computers. But it seems as of now, you will have to upgrade Dropbox on all your computers, laptops, mobile devices if you want them to work in sync with all the new features.

What is new in  Dropbox 1.0?

  • Dropbox offers the best file sync experience out there. Dropbox has now completely re-architected the client-side sync engine to optimize the response time, scale, and resource consumption. This version reduces memory usage by up to 50%. It’s speedier and more efficient when handling big changes to your Dropbox while ensuring that smaller changes remain quick.
  • New initial setup wizard on all three platforms to make it easier to get started using Dropbox. Now Mac OS X version uses Cocoa so Dropbox looks and feels much more native on the Mac.
  • Selective Sync – You now can choose which folders get downloaded to which computers. So no more sync of that 500MB file to multiple computers without your permission. Resource forks and other extended attributes now work great with Dropbox.

Download Dropbox 1.0 and change the way you Dropbox again.

Want to upgrade multiple Dropbox computers?

Now are you stuck with the fact that you need to download and install Dropbox on each computer? After you upgrade the Dropbox on 1 computer, simple drop the Dropbox 1.0.10.exe file in your dropbox folder. It will sync across all your Dropboxes, and next time you just need to click the Dropbox exe file from your Dropbox folder.

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