Get Invites to Test Drive Google Chrome OS Notebooks

Would You Like to get invite to Test Drive a Google Chrome OS Notebook? Well a small pilot program is on and selected US residents can be lucky to get a hands on trial of the new Google Chrome Notebooks.

Google Chrome OS Pilot Program

I am getting a pop up alert for that each time I open a new tab in Google Chrome browser!

chrome notebook invite

So eagerly I clicked on the link to Apply Now. It directs me to the Test Drive a Chrome Notebook application.

Google is distributing a limited number of Chrome notebooks to test drive. So if you live in the United States, are at least 18 years old, and you could be part of the small Pilot program.

I just read the fine print for those selected in the Chrome OS Pilot Program

  • Google will collect anonymous browsing statistics and other usage data for tracking and analysis purposes
  • You agree to participate in all product feedback studies conducted by the Google Chrome OS team for the duration of the Pilot Program and agree to be opted in to the Chrome OS feedback group.
  • Google will only ship the device to a US-based address and cannot send this device to a P.O. Box or address outside of the US.
  • You agree to not sell or transfer the device to anyone else, unless under written instruction from Google to do so.
  • Replacement of broken devices is subject to Google’s review and Google may elect not to replace a non-functioning or broken device, at Google’s sole discretion. In the event that Google elects to replace a broken device, Google will cover all shipping and handling fees.
  • Google reserves the right to contact you about Chrome OS or related Google products by email, phone, post, or in-person upon submitting this application.

You can directly apply for the pilot program from the website also.

Cr-48 Chrome Notebook

The new Cr-48 Google Chrome OS Notebook boots in 10 seconds and resumes from sleep instantly. There’s built-in Wi-Fi and 3G, so you can stay connected everywhere, and a webcam for video chat. The vibrant 12-inch LCD display, full-size keyboard and oversized touchpad let you enjoy the web comfortably. Weighing 3.8 pounds with over eight hours of battery life, it is a winner.

But the best part is – All your apps, documents, and settings are stored safely in the cloud. So even if you lose your computer, you can just log into another Chrome notebook and get right back to work.

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