How to Buy Apple iPad in India

Want to buy Apple iPad in India? ICICI bank customers can buy cheap iPad in India via a partnership with GadgetGuru right now via an ongoing promotion.

Buy Apple iPad in India

I was browsing my ICICI account when this banner flashed up and directed me this promotional deal about iPad sale in India.

buy apple ipad india

The deal says you can buy iPad in India with free shipping anywhere in India

  • Apple iPad 16 GB  wifi  – Rs. 34999
  • Apple iPad 32 GB  wifi –  Rs. 39999
  • Apple iPad 16 GB  wifi –  Rs. 46999

The deal also include free iPad screen guard worth Rs. 350 and an free original apple case worth Rs 55oo!

Ipad is still not officially available at Apple stores in India. Of course you can buy iPad from Ebay India for similar pricing, but I am not comfortable sending off Rs 35000 to a stranger on Ebay. This offer is valid for ICICI bank customers, who can pay via ICICI credit cards / debit cards or net banking and I feel more confident about this deal due to the reliability of  ICICI brand behind the deal.

I checked GadgetGuru sells iPad directly, for  slightly higher price (some added tax), but the free iPad case and free iPad screenguard are not there. So the ICICI bank clients can grab the better and more reliable deal with useful free ipad accessories. Hurry –  Offer lasts December 31, 2010.


  1. Sahil @iBlognet says:

    Thanks for sharing the great offer…

  2. Atpij Kamo says:

    Is this offer valid only for Indian citizens?

  3. lig-tv says:

    Thanks for sharing the great offer.

  4. 给力好店吧 says:

    像博主学习,争取把我的网站给力好店吧 做的和您一样受欢迎。

  5. live chat support software says:

    That’s very good news! I love Apple products!

  6. Xiaofeng says:

    I’m a blog in China.Several days ago,when I open up QOT,I was redirected to before QOT was completely loaded.It’s not the first time it happens.And I refresh the page it remains the same. I encourter the same problem when I visit lifehacker tomorrow.I don’t know how it can happen.

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      Please upgrade your browser to the latest version. Probably there is a virus on your computer.

      • Xiaofeng says:

        Maybe you have no idea what taobao is. Taobao is the largest online shop in Asia. So I don’t think there is a virus on my computer. Our ISP suck, I think they have done something bad to my request to famous blogs.

      • Xiaofeng says:

        I’m redirected to the frontpage of everytime. Maybe the issue has something to do with the GFW. Facebook and Twitter are always blocked in China. Iframes of Facebook and Twitter will be replaced by a custom page by ISP.

    • Daily Techie says:

      The only thing that I can think of is:

      1) You have some adware on your computer and it is making you deliberately view the TaoBao site.

      Use Malwarebytes to begin with and then try an Adware removal software and also a spyware removal software..

      You will not face the problem again!

  7. Pep - Ofertas Viajes says:

    thanks for sharing …

    a good way to save some money on Apple products

  8. madhur says:


  9. nishant kapoor says:

    how ICICI customers gets the discount?
    And if I am not wrong ipad 16gb wifi is Rs27000/-

  10. jasica says:

    ipad 3g+ wifi or without 3g ….confused

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