5 Guerrilla Tactics to Get a Job

Here are some Guerrilla Tactics to get a job. If you are looking for a job then you may have posted your resume on almost all the job boards on the web. You may have set Monster or HotJobs as your browser home page. You follow up with every call and network with every possible person until your face turns blue. Well, here are some creative ways to find and get a job fast!

1. Send Only Half of Your Resume

If you are not getting callbacks, then this trick will work for you. When sending the resume next time, write a great cover letter as usual, pointing to the resume enclosed, but don’t enclose any resume and don’t seal the envelope. The company will thing that the resume fell out in the mail. They will call you, and this is the time you must sell yourself.

2. Create a Google Adwords Ad Campaign

Recently Alec Brownstein created a google adwords ad campaign with the targeting keywords as the names of hiring managers of the companies he wanted to work for. When the hiring managers googled their name (who doesn’t) they saw his ad and asked for an interview. With this trick you may even get a job in Google or Facebook.

3. Start a Viral Email Chain Letter

Prepare a list of 10 companies you want to work with. Then send an email to everyone you know to find out if they know anyone who works at any of these companies. Ask them to contact you immediately if they do know someone so that you can get a referral. Also, ask them to forward this email to 10 people they know. This will create a viral email chain letter and normally you will get many referrals within a couple of days.

4. Give Away a Free Ebook

Write an informative ebook related to your area of expertise and give it away. Promote this ebook on your blog, twitter and Facebook. This will spread the word about your expertise and sooner or later the ebook will reach the hiring managers of the companies you want to join, thus landing you a job offer.

5. Call Human Resources

Call the HR department of the company you want to join and ask them what recruiting firm they use. They will ask you why do you want to know. Tell them that as their company is not looking for a person with your skill set right now, and the hiring agency may be dealing with other firms, so you may get a recommendation. Its highly probable that they will ask you for an interview to save the agency fees, as you already know that they need a person with your skill set.

These are some of the creative ways to get hired. Do let us know if you have any other secret gems!

Guest author Mayur Somani writes about tech news, reviews and analysis at TechyLabs.com. You can also guest blog here.

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