7 Lead Generation Tips to Make You Rich

Here are some Lead Generation Tips. Have you ever wondered what separates those who always seem to have an endless flow of incoming leads from the people who can’t seem to find a single lead each day?

Sometimes it is the ambition or work ethic of the individuals although many times it is the tactics each uses to generate leads. Here are 7 tips to help you generate more leads which will result in more sales so you can be rich with leads.

1. Find their hangouts

Too many times people expect leads to just come to them out of the blue; this is not going to happen. You must find where your prospective customers hang out and go to them. You should be doing these both online and offline. To find hangouts online check out the Big Boards forum directory; then head over to Meetup.com for offline hot spots.

2. Participate in social media

Every one of your customers is not on Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter but there are enough of them there that will become evangelists for you. Seek them out and build a meaningful relationship; then they will send you leads as you have never seen before.

3. Share

Have you forgotten all the important lessons taught in pre-school & Kindergarten to share with the other kids? Learn it all over again and get busy sharing something useful, funny or insightful with someone else every day. If it relates to your business great; if not that is OK.

4. Be Charitable

Recognize that you have been given much then give back your time & money. You will quickly realize that paying it forward in this fashion brings you exponential benefit; sometimes in the form of leads other times with inspiration. You can find reputable charitable causes using Charity Navigator, Network for Good, or Volunteer Match that jive with you.

5. Become a Content Creator

Content marketing is a very effective way to generate leads when the content is aimed at your customers. You probably have pages of knowledge pinned inside your brain that people want to know and don’t. We can all learn something from one another so start sharing your knowledge by becoming a content creator. This is not limited to writing either; you can take pictures, shoot videos or record audio podcasts. It all counts.

6. Promote Yourself

In all your endeavors you must tell people who you are, what you do and how it helps people. You need to learn to shamelessly plug yourself in social media, forums, meetup groups and the content you create. Don’t make it all about you however you should certainly drop a mention at least once in a while.

7. Review what works

Each of the actions above manifests many different opportunities; review every activity at least once a week to see what is working. Repeat those activities next week as much as you can; the activities that have not paid off may just need more time to reap the benefits or could be valuable time wasted. Keep a keen outlook on things you have done over and over that have not brought rewards. You might consider eliminating those activities.

These seven tips will help you generate more money from all your lead-generation actions; however, they are only the tip of the iceberg. Always be creative and on the lookout for new ideas that can be applied to your lead-generation strategies.

Guest author Mark Simon (Twitter @mesimoniv) is the SEO Director at Underground Elephant where he focuses on lead generation via UndergroundLeads.com. You will commonly find him on Twitter and the guest blogging circuit.

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