5 New Dynamic View Templates for Blogger Blogs [Video]

Google has introduced 5 new dynamic templates in Blogger. View any Blogger blog as a Flipcard, Mosaic, Sidebar, Snapshot and Timeslide. Discover a new way for blog interaction.

Blogger Dynamic View Templates

This video will introduce you to the new Blogger designs

Some of the major highlights of these blog designs are Infinite scrolling (read more posts without having to reload or click), new layouts, more speed as you can download images as you view them and more interactivity to  experience and engage with blog content.

You can view the new dynamic views on any blogspot blog by adding /view after the url. Check out how I can interact with the official google blog with this url  http://googleblog.blogspot.com/view

Enable Blogger Dynamic Views

Dynamic views will work on your blog only if
1. Your blog is public and readers don’t need to sign in
2. Your blog has feeds fully enabled.
3. You have not disabled dynamic views. (Setting | Formatting > Enable Dynamic Views)


  1. theonlinekenyan says:

    Blogger is doing some really awesome things. Wow, just wow

  2. joao says:

    do you know id you can define this as your template?

  3. Zohan @ ScreamingTips says:

    Blogger is awesome. But if it makes some plugins offered in WordPress it will surely liked and will be the number one blogging platform.ac

  4. arcanys seo says:

    This is good, i like the designs. Casual and trendy, perfect for a blog redesign I’m thinking of these past days.

  5. Ibn Omar says:

    This a great info but yet it still doesn’t work on some blog even the conditions met.

  6. Kepler says:

    Great info. Thank you very much

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