Buy Cheap Kindle with Special Offers, Sponsored Screensavers

Want to get a Amazon Kindle discount – buy cheap Kindle with Special Offers and Sponsored Screensavers and save $25 off the selling price. Kindle has introduced this new version of Kindle wireless reader, which gets you the same bestselling Kindle for $25 less—only $114.


Kindle Special Offers & Sponsored Screensavers

You will receive special offers directly on your Kindle. Some current Kindle deals include:

  • $10 for $20 Gift Card
  • $6 for 6 Audible Books (normally $68)
  • $1 for an album in the Amazon MP3 Store (choose from over 1 million albums)
  • $10 for $30 of products in the Amazon Denim Shop or Amazon Swim Shop
  • Free $100 Gift Card when you get an Amazon Rewards Visa Card (normally $30)
  • Buy one of 30 Kindle bestsellers with your Visa card and get $10 credit
  • 50% off Roku Streaming Player (normally $99)

So what is the catch? Remember unlike the full price Kindle, the special offers and sponsored screensavers will display on the Kindle screensaver and on the bottom of the home screen, but Amazon claims they don’t interrupt reading. So basically you are getting $25 off for a lifetime of ads on your Kindle. You decide.

Amazon has created a free Kindle app called AdMash, wherein customers using AdMash preview these ads, and only those screensavers with highest votes qualify to become sponsored screensavers. You can also set your personal Kindle Screensaver Preferences from your Manage Your Kindle page

Buy Kindle with Special Offers today. Only available in the U.S. Also buy the best Kindle covers and best Kindle reading lights to power your Kindle experience.

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