Send SMS to Turn On Onida Pre-Cool Air Conditioners

Now you can turn on your air conditioner from anywhere by sending an SMS to your AC! Onida Precool Air Conditioners claims to be the world’s first precool AC’s wiht the tagline “SMS Gone, AC On”.

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Simply send an SMS to your AC and your AC will be turned on before you reach home. Enter your home already precooled in the peak summer season. ONIDA Pre-Cool claims to be the world’s first AC which can be operated from outside your home.

How does Onida Precool AC work?

ONIDA PreCool Air Conditioners contain a PreCool device, powered by a normal SIM card. SMS  AC*ON or AC*OFF from your mobile phone to the special mobile handset prefixed in the room with your AC. The device can switch your AC ON or OFF. SMS Gone, AC ON! Check the promo video (in Hindi)

Now that was a cool idea from Onida. Thumbs up for precooled homes.

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