How to Lock, Unlock Your Door Using Mobile Phone [Video]

Lockitron lets you unlock or lock your door from your mobile phone instantly. Send a signal from your phone to Lockitron servers, and via your internet router, you can make the door lock or unlock.

Another cool feature is the ability to grant permanent or temporary keys to guests, from anywhere in the world, so they can access your house. Imagine providing easy emergency access when you are travelling abroad, or maybe letting family and friends enter when they forget keys.

Lock, Unlock Door with Phone

Let this video show you how it works

The Lockitron Deadbolt Door knob / handle is compatible with several types of locks or you can use self-install kits which costs $295 and includes a Lockitron base-station, USB remote fob, door knob/handle unit, Power cable, ethernet cable etc. The Lockitron base-station plugs into a wired ethernet connection and the USB remote fob also plugs into Lockitron base-station and sends the lock and unlock commands to the deadbolt unit which is powered by 4 AA batteries.

Remember that without power or web based access, the Lockitron base station does not function, but you can still lock and unlock using the included set of keys and keyfob. So there are issues but it is cool idea and you might want to give it a go. [No financial interest]

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