How to Create RSS Feed for Any Google+ Profile

Google+ profiles do not have RSS feeds. So how can you create and subscribe RSS feeds for any Google+ profile, which will let you add the feed to your Google reader and track all your Google+ profiles in one RSS reader?

Create Google+ RSS Feeds

Visit the Unofficial Google+ User Feed creator at which lets you create the RSS feed for any Google+ Profile. Its very simple to use.

Lets say our Google+ profile url is

So we grab the unique long number for our profile

and add it to the url and we get a url like this

This is a RSS feed url. Simply add this to your Google Reader and you can track all our Google+ updates.

Google plus RSS feed

Similarly you can change that with your Google+ number or that of any user and subscribe to the RSS feeds in your favorite RSS reader like Google reader. The titles and content render very well. Since you have a RSS feed, you can also add it to your blog sidebar using RSS widgets. [via NirmalTV].

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