Activate Facebook Pages Timeline Now

Now Brands can activate Facebook Pages Timeline and get the new Facebook design for their Facebook brand pages. Facebook Timeline was introduced sometime back and will become the default design on all Facebook profiles.

Facebook page admins will notice a new alert on the Facebook pages when they login. We got that alert today on our admin page and set up our new page.

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Facebook Pages Timeline

On March 30, 2012, Facebook plans to convert all Pages to the new design. Once you click on the Preview page, Admins can visualize how their Facebook pages Timeline will look like. You can start by uploading the correct Facebook cover photo size and then go on hide, highlight and fix content for public view. Here are more Facebook Timeline tips to get started.

When you are ready, click the publish button. Remember, you can preview and fix your Facebook pages timeline without publishing. Once done, the process is not reversible and you cannot go back to your old Facebook pages profile.

publish timeline

So since QOT was lucky to get an option to publish our Facebook page timeline, you can check our new Facebook Page with Timeline right now at Check it out. While you are around there, remember to ‘Like” the page, and our latest tips will appear in your news feed, a great way to participate with a great tech and webmaster community.

facebook page timeline

Suggest some good cover photo which you would like to see. Do remember to activate your Facebook page timeline now.


  1. sandeep says:

    i want to be facebook timeline

  2. Sandeep Singh says:

    I personally feel it isnt the right thing for my page yet and surely will not be activating the feature yet.

  3. riza marie says:

    share timeline

  4. Stay Up To Date says:

    yes it is right that timeline is so important. I like it very much. I also use it.

  5. mhark kenji naredo says:

    wow so cool

  6. Julie Suliana Mauigoa says:

    Please activate my facebook timeline now.

  7. Ubaid says:

    Enjoy Recent Movies, launching on facebook.

  8. Ozio Media says:

    Whether users like it or not, Timelines is going to be the configuration they will have to become used to on Facebook. The sooner that they get used to using it, the more effective it will be for them. Probably Facebook execs could have spent more effort on explaining it to users, but most likely people will get used to it. Then they’ll appreciate that it is a great improvement to their FB presence, giving them more control over their content.

  9. Shahin Pinto says:

    Excellent and carry on.

  10. Trung Nguyen says:

    yes, I activated Facebook timeline for my profiles page and fan page too.

  11. anuradhanambiar says:

    “Activate Facebook Pages Timeline Now”

  12. alkajaswal says:

    iwant to timeline facebook please

  13. amit chauhan says:

    plzz hlp me i want to activate facebook time line and its nt working

  14. sanjumehta says:

    I want be facebook timeline

  15. Praveen naagar says:

    I want timeline now

  16. Mehedi says:

    Time line is so important. So we should use it

  17. Ajen Pong says:

    I realy want know about this timeline so I bettr give a try.

  18. Ashrut says:

    You may have noticed that the app has been down for about a day now. My hosted server had the main disk go bad and was completely unrecoverable. So the app is on a brand new server now with a faster processor, twice as much memory, and a huge hard drive. Thanks for your patience during the down time.

  19. Ashrut says:

    i want timeline now

  20. Johnny Wirjosandjojo says:

    How to back from timeline view to the previous view?

  21. Janith amarawickrama says:

    IT make us crazy

  22. Rohit Hembrom says:

    Can U let me go for my timeline

  23. premnarayan tiwari says:

    Activate Facebook Pages Timeline Now

  24. Andrea Ann Quiambao says:

    I want to get facebook timeline. NOW! :)

  25. delightedsimran says:

    i want timeline

  26. P N Tiwari Sarkana says:

    activat timline myfacebook acount

  27. Lydia sukumar says:

    Can u activate timeline for my facebook account

  28. ravi shekhar says:

    activate facebook page timeline now

  29. gabrielle ian villanueva rosales says:

    i want timeline

  30. zakir says:

    to get timeline

  31. Rumi Eusuf says:

    notify me my timeline activity

  32. mazhar ali says:

    How to Enable & Activate Fb Timeline plz help

  33. Mohideen says:

    Timeline looks cool loves to use on my profile

  34. priya varshi says:

    i want time line to my account

  35. vaisakhbabu says:

    Activate Facebook Pages Timeline Now

  36. nishant thakur says:

    plz activate ma timeline……

  37. hinu kaundal says:

    i also wana activate timeline. plz help me……….

  38. nehal lama says:

    get me timeline

  39. nehal lama says:

    i like timeline

  40. prabhakar says:

    i want timline now

  41. WENDY PINEDA says:


  42. Clinton Harry says:

    Pls help activate my timeline

  43. Junaid Homowummy Sholarbabe says:

    I need a timeline

  44. Thembelani Lufezo says:

    I want to use facebookline

  45. Thembelani Lufezo says:

    I want facebookline

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