How to Block Pinterest Pins of Your Copyright Images

How can you stop Pinterest pins of your copyright images as frantic Pinterest users are busy sharing and pinning your blog images with their followers. As you know by now, Pinterest is the fastest growing new social media sharing platform, and as addiction to Pinterest grows, so will sharing of your content.

Block Pinterest

pinterest nopinSo here is a simple way to block Pinterest from your site. Remember adding this code to the html code will disable pinning of ALL pages by Pinterest users who use the Pinterest bookmarkets to share your site. You can choose to use WordPress conditional tags to limit this pin restriction to fewer pages.

Simply add the following code to your HEAD section in the site html.

<meta name="pinterest" content="nopin" />

So what happens when people using the Pin-It bookmarklet (the best way to use Pinterest) visit your site and wish to pin images which you do not wish to share. This pop up alert box is shown.’

Pinterest nopin

“This site doesn’t allow pinning to Pinterest. Please contact the owner with any questions. Thanks for visiting!”

Of course the Pinterest users always have the option to bypass the automated pin it buttons and right click to save your image and manually upload to Pinterest. But then content owners always have a right to  file DMCA / Copyright Infringement Notification for the same. This code will come handy for  photographers,  designers, graphic artists who wish to share their work on their own sites.

But then allowing sharing on Pinterest will get more exposure and traffic to your content as well. Do you follow us on Pinterest?

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