Why Google Chrome Will Replace IE on Your Computer

Will you install Google Chrome on your new computer or continue with IE? Google is the starting homepage for most users. I bought  my new computer with preloaded Microsoft Windows 7, I open the default Internet Explorer browser and the first site I visit to test my internet connection is Google.com.

The Google Chrome campaign is so well targeted that as soon as Google.com opens, up pops an alert to install Google Chrome browser. That is targeted … A Google Chrome alert the first time you open your first site in your new computer, which promises you “a faster way to browse the web” if you install Google Chrome.

Chrome Install

We are all determined to get more speed online, and see what happens on the next landing page – highlights the message that Google Chrome runs websites and applications with lightning speed! Fast Startup, Fast loading, faster search! The ideal landing page to Click Install. When you visit Apple.com, does it encourage you to download Safari? When you visit Bing.com, does it prompt you to install IE? No wonder Google Chrome statistics continue to rise…

We always use Google Chrome, an excellent fast browser. Especially since I login with my Google account (everyone has a gmail account), it keeps my Chrome settings, extensions and bookmarks synced across multiple computers, so that I simply login anywhere and I never feel I am on a new computer and always get the same user experience in a browser.

Sync Chrome

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