Download Facebook Camera: Share Facebook Photos Quickly

Download Facebook Camera, a new iOS app which is the fastest way to post and share Facebook photos instantly from your iPhone or other Apple mobile device. As photo sharing gets more popular, and people seek faster ways to post photos, Facebook makes it less cumbersome using Facebook camera app.

Download Facebook Camera

facebook cameraTry the new Facebook Camera app and share Facebook photos with your Facebook friends faster than ever. When you login, you get to see all the photos shared by your Facebook friends in your news feed. What has caught the media buzz is that Facebook recently acquired Instagram, another hugely popular image sharing app, and it is to be seen how Facebook integrates / competes with Instagram.

Unlike before when you needed to post one photo at a time, the Facebook Camera app lets you select and post multiple images in one go. At the same time, it lets users post captions, tag friends and share locations. The app also features basic image editing features like crop, rotate and can add special image effects using camera filters. (Though I still like what Camera+ can do for $0.99)

facebook camera images

Watch the video preview below to learn more…

Download Facebook Camera app from Apple App store. Will work with iPod, iPhone and iPad. Use it and it will change the way you use photo sharing on Facebook.

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