Download Yahoo! Axis Browser: New Ways to Browse, Search

Yahoo! has launched Axis web browser and you can download Yahoo! Axis browser apps right now on your iPad, iPhone, and computer desktop. Yahoo! Axis claims to redefine the way we browse and search the web. It is also the first mobile browser that can integrate with any major desktop browser.

Yahoo! Axis Browser

Yahoo! axis browserYahoo Axis claims to redefine search and makes it evolve from a ‘destination’ to a ‘companion’. Powered by instant visually rich page previews as you type your search terms, you can now keep searching in the same window with the amazing visual thumbnails experience in real time. Then you can sync your bookmarks and history through Yahoo! Account across platforms and gadgets and get a uniform custom browsing experience. Remember Bing powers search results of Yahoo! search, so this greatly expands Bing’s reach.

I tried it on my Chrome browser on my computer desktop and a neat search bar sits unobtrusively and neatly in the bottom left, waiting for you to type your search terms and it instantly searches as you type and gives website thumbnails and search related terms. I like the way it works and can make its way across lots of your web browsers I am sure.

yahoo axis search

Download Yahoo! Axis now and try out the new web browser. You can download Yahoo Axis App from the Apple iTunes store, which works as a mobile browser (works with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later). For computer users, you can download desktop plugin, which will work with your HTML5-enabled browser like latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari.

Just like Chrome wants to install on every browser visiting Google, similarly Bing wants to capture the lucrative search engine markets and Bing SEO is becoming important. I have been using the Bing Desktop to download Bing wallpapers on my desktop daily and it has surely brought Bing Search to my desktop.

Now with Yahoo Axis, search and browsing will never be the same again. Did you download Yahoo! Axis?

Update: Yahoo Axis browser is now discontinued.

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