Monitoring Site Uptime Downtime: 3 Years Report

What is your site uptime? What was your site downtime last year? It is essential that Webmasters should monitor their site uptime and downtime data not only to assess how reliable their web hosting service is, but also to know how reliable their website online availability has been to provide a good user experience to its readers.

While we all like to believe that our websites are always working when we are checking our homepage, writing posts or browsing the site in general; yet we can’t monitor our site uptime for 24 hours on all days of the week. There is the whole business around website uptime monitoring services, and we signed up for one such service by Pingdom over three years back when we switched to our current web hosting provider Knownhost.

site uptime data

Monitor Site Uptime Downtime

We checked our site uptime using the free site uptime monitoring tool by Pingdom and thought we will share with you our website uptime and downtime statistics over the last three years ever since we moved to Knownhost web hosting.

Here is what the site uptime statistics reveal.

site uptime downtime

Over the last 3 years, there have been 65 downtimes and the total downtime over 3 years has been a total of 1 day, 3 hours and 45 mins (actually most of the downtime seems to be contributed by one high spike in 2011).  Thus, the overall uptime rate of Knownhost has been 99.89% for our site which is pretty good. You can even see the last 7 days of site uptime.

We were able to get this data easily because of the free Pingdom account we created earlier, which lets you monitor one website or server. It includes 20 free SMS alerts and with unlimited free email alerts, to ping you and be the first to know when your site is down.  This free monitoring package works well for us and should be useful for most site owners.

Incidentally, they are running a fourth of July special, wherein are giving away 1000 free basic one-year Pingdom account for today only. We tried to use the promo code, but apparently there is no way for existing users to grab the deal. So if you are interested in getting free website monitoring, today is a good day to grab this free basic Pingdom package which will let you monitor up to 5 websites. [Disclaimer: No financial affiliation].


  1. Pingdom says:

    Thanks for mentioning us and our service :)

  2. Lucas Rolff says:

    “the total downtime over 3 years has been a total of about 15 hours” – the image says 1 day 3 hours and 45 mins.. not 15 hours.

    Also small network outages isn’t calculated when you have 15 mins resolution. the downtime can actually be much higher than shown above

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      Thanks Lucas for pointing that out. Fixed it. Tried to oversimplify and got the maths wrong :-)

  3. Jenny Barnes says:

    Great article and couldn’t agree more. Always surprised by how many people spend all their time and resources on building a “Rolls Royce” website but don’t spend any time on firstly choosing the right hosting service and then on maintaining the site.

    Your site cannot earn any money when it’s down (and how many customer’s will return having visited and found it down!), and longer term it could impact on your search rankings. There really is no excuse therefore not to use a service like Pingdom or – – which is completely free and allows unlimited websites to be added and monitored.

  4. Susie K says:

    I always thought my hosting company monitored my website, and found out the hard way! I now use monitorhub, it was really simple to set up as I’m not that technical but need to know my website is working. The service I use is free, but they offer SMS alerts on the paid service.

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