Link Mobile Phone for Better Twitter Password Security

Do you know how to increase  Twitter password security? I was getting multiple emails about password reset request which I had never done. Then I realized how easy it is to let anyone keep troubling you by sending password reset requests and how easy it is to lose your Twitter account if some also gained email access.

Request Twitter Password

Twitter Password request usually works like this. Anyone can request your password by clicking forgot password. They get this form and enter your username.

twitter password

They simply add the username and Twitter sends out an email to your email address with the password reset link.

Twitter password sent

When I recently checked my email, I got many such emails as someone tried to attempt Twitter password recovery of our Twitter account.

Twitter email reset

If the hacker also had access to your email account, then he can easily reset the password and also control your Twitter account!

Link Mobile Phone on Twitter

To secure your Twitter password even better, first you need to change Twitter password reset options, so that it requires personal information to reset the password, and not simply your username.

password reset options

Now you activate Twitter text messaging in the Twitter settings by entering your mobile phone number, and the password recovery options change.

add phone to twitter

This is followed by a need to send a code to Twitter from your suggested mobile number. This verifies and confirms your mobile number and links it to your Twitter account.

text activation

Now you can choose from variety of phone option about notifications you want or don’t want to get. For starters, I uncheck all phone notifications about tweets etc. as my primary purpose is password recovery via phone. Of course I can get a Twitter app and power up my Twitter experience too.

Password Reset Request

Now when someone requests you password, the request does not go through immediately, but instead they are asked for your phone number which is difficult to guess (unless your dear friend is the hacker and he has access to your phone too!).

twitter phone number

And only after you can confirm your phone number, you get multiple options to password reset by email and phone. This is useful if your email is also hacked, as you can still recover password by phone.

password reset options

So activate your Mobile Phone number on Twitter, even if you don’t use it to tweet, or get notifications. It will help your access your Twitter account when a hacker strikes. Follow us on Twitter for more Twitter tips.

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