Activate New Twitter Profile: Get Correct Header Photo Size

Activate your new Twitter profile now by choosing the correct header photo size dimensions. Twitter today introduced new Twitter profiles which allows Twitter users to add a new header photo with specific size images of 1200x600px for best results.

Activate New Twitter profile

This is how the QOT Twitter profile looked a few minutes back

old Twitter profile

This is how the new Twitter profile looks now

new Twitter profile

You will notice that the new Twitter design is really nice and your header photo promises to show beautifully across different screen sizes as well as tablet and smart phone screens. With the realignment of the header, there is definitely more space as the left sidebar moves up, and there is more visibility of your recent images, which will make your Twitter profile more attractive and will ensure more clicks (that reminds me that I need to tweet and share more images to fill the space up).

Lets get started – In order to activate new Twitter profiles, you need to upload a header image in the Twitter settings.

Twitter header photo size

Just like getting the correct Facebook timeline cover photo size, uploading a correct size image with the exact dimensions in the header photo will activate the new Twitter profile instantly. Go to Twitter > Settings > Design > Customize Your Own.

header photo size

In order to get the correct header image size in high resolution, remember to upload header photo with the correct dimensions of  1200px wide and 600px tall photo size. Which means first you need to resize the photo to the correct size of 1200×600 pixels and then upload header photo in the Twitter settings.

Save the Twitter settings and instantly the photo will go live with a new Twitter profile. Do it now.

Update 20/9: Now Twitter has changed the Recommended dimensions from 1252x626px to1200×600px. [Thanks Laura. Updated]


  1. Surminga says:

    I’m not much of a fan of it. Don’t like how the phone web version and IOS app you have to swipe across user profiles to view their bios and profile picture.

    I do however like and think it is longer overdue that you can flick through the images that users have put up

  2. Lisa says:

    I can’t wait to try this out. Thanks for sharing today on the first day it is available. It will be interesting to see how everyone does there’s on Twitter.

  3. Chris Trynkiewicz says:

    Well it moves the content down so it’s worse for conversions in my opinion. The background can make the tagline hard to see, like in your case. I won’t do it but thanks for posting about it :)

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      You are right about the background, and we tested several already. The image has to be carefully chosen if you want good tagline visibility. What are your thoughts about better posted images visibility and conversions.

  4. Laura says:

    The recommended size has now been changed to 1200 by 600 px. If you try to load anything bigger it spits out an internal server error.

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      Thanks for your comment. We have updated the article. 1200×600 seems a more reasonable size than 1252×626 px.

  5. Kevin says:

    I like to use they have a twitter header creator.

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