So Easy to Get .Gov and .Edu Backlinks for SEO!

Is it so easy to buy .gov backlinks and .edu backlinks for better SEO?  It well known that .edu and .gov backlinks are great for SEO and are considered to carry good weightage with search engine rankings in terms of authority linking to your site. Usually it is very difficult to get backlinks from .edu and .gov sites … but then it does not seem so difficult either.

Several websites offer freelancers tasks who can do this for as cheap as $5! I was surprised to find that .edu and .gov backlinks are being sold easily!

gov edu backlinks

There are hundreds of sellers willing to get you hundreds of dofollow backlinks on high PR sites with your targeted keywords (in pyramids, triangles or Angela /Paul styles – whatever that means!), with confirmed reports for you to check them out too. Many are top sellers indicative that people do actually buy these links, and it is a flourishing business.

Are 50 edu links in 1 day really useful? If you browse the comments you realize some of these gigs can create hundreds of  .edu backlinks, but I am sure Google will surely flag sites which gain hundreds of such links in a short time. Its difficult to get one .gov links and getting hundreds of them screams spam. Its best to create great content and such sites will naturally linkback to your amazing content.

Where do they create .edu .gov links? Some common strategies these gigs use to get you links are – edit content on wikis (remember good wikis are heavily moderated for spam), blogrolls (sitewide links are considered differently by Google),  forum profiles (Most forum profiles are blocked by robots.txt, and new users moderated), blog comments (which are usually nofollowed), create multiple blogs (which have no PR or might not be indexed yet, and can be moderated for spam).

Be warned: Getting .edu and .gov backlinks is normally difficult because if a government or university site links back to your site, you must be a great online resource and therefore Search engines consider it a strong vote for your site. Link buying is considered a bad practice by search engines as it seems as an attempt to manipulate and trick their algorithm. So beware and do not get trapped in link buying –  you might never be able to reverse the link profile if you get hit by a Google penalty (though the Google link disavow tool is now there).

Note: We do not engage in any form of of link buying. 

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