How to Improve Your Site Listing in Dmoz Directory

Can you report incorrect Dmoz directory listings to the Dmoz editors? Dmoz (also popularly known as Open Project Directory or ODP) is one of the most popular sites to get your website listed … for free. The Dmoz directory listings are reviewed and published by volunteer  Dmoz editors in the relevant categories.

Sometimes some website urls may be wrongly listed or the site maybe gone and now Dmoz has introduced this new feature to send more information to the editors .

Report Site Issues in Dmoz

Dmoz has added alert icons on the public side of the ODP, to all the url listings. Its on the extreme right site of all listings.

dmoz urls reporting

Simply clicking on those icons will take you to a form where you can report issues.

dmoz report issue

You can now report if the site is down or shows errors, is hacked, gone or should not be listed at all. It would also be good to read the site selection criteria.

Correct Your Site Details

You can use this feature to also report if your site is listed in the wrong category or the title and description needs to be updated.

dmoz report

So will your site title and description update instantly? No. However, it will highlight the problem with the listing and make the issue more noticeable to the category editor among hundreds of sites and unreviewed links.  So this increases the chance of your listing being reviewed and edited.

It is best to have your site listed in Dmoz. The editor review ensures high quality site listings and has a great SEO benefit. Have you checked how your site is listed? Do a Dmoz search.

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