Legally Download YouTube Videos on Mobile Phones, iPad

YouTube now lets users legally download YouTube videos on their Android phones, iPhones and iPads in select countries like India, where internet speeds are slow and users might not be able to stream YouTube videos at high speed in HD quality without continuous buffering leading to poor user experience.

Download YouTube Videos

Downloading YouTube videos was previously not allowed, unless you opted for commonly available YouTube downloader software or freely available online YouTube download websites. People primarily download videos to save bandwidth costs and view videos offline on their computer and mobile devices whenever they want. Countries with overall slow net speeds, often have a poor YouTube experience. Moreover, due to lack of public WiFi and low coverage of public WiFi services, most users keep searching for the next WiFi Spot.

If you use the YouTube app on Android or IPhone’s, you will now see a Download icon like the one below in the video.

download youtube videos

If there is an option to download the video, a pop up will appear presenting different video resolution qualities and you can choose which one to download.

How long will the video last? It cannot be played after 48 hours. So once you download it, you have 48 hours to view it

Do you need an internet connection to play it? The video is downloaded on your smartphone or iPad for 48 hours. You can view it as many times as you like without an internet connection.

My favorite YouTube video does not download? Not all YouTube videos can be downloaded due to copyright issues like official music videos, movie trailers etc. However, a large amount of video content has been made available under this option.

Does it work in the USA? This option is only made available in select countries like India where public internet is patchy, and overall internet speeds are slow. Most western countries already have good public WiFi coverage and high internet speeds and already enjoy a great video streaming experience.

Why cant I download YouTube videos on my computer? This icon will only display on YouTube apps (not the YouTube website) on mobile devices and tablets. Probably your computer already has a good wired or wireless internet connection. Their idea is to enable mobile users a great YouTube experience, while maintaining copyright terms.

Its a good move as it will lead to more happy YouTube  users, a better YouTube experience and will limit piracy and limit copyright content circulation in a way. If you are in India, do remember to update the app first and then click the download link to enjoy your favorite video over the next 48 hours.

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