5 Best Free jQuery CDN’s

Which is the most popular and best jQuery CDN to load jQuery free? jQuery is possibly the most common script which powers million of websites and allows sites to create amazing effects and engage users with interactive experiences.

jQueryIt is always a good idea to use jQuery hosted from a free CDN and a popular CDN such that your site loads faster and users across the globe can load the script faster from the CDN server nearest to their geographic location. Moreover, it also ensures the script is already cached in your users browsers by visiting previous sites loading this script and ensures your site loads even faster.

The typical way to load jQuery is in your site footer at the end after all content is loaded. The code wil typically look like this.
<script src="http://jQUERY-CDN-URL"></script>

Best jQuery CDN

So here are the best jQuery CDNs you can try…

1. jQuery Site 
From the official site. They have noted however  that MaxCDN hosts jQuery and not jQuery servers.

2. Google Developer Hosted Libraries
This is possibly the most popular jQuery CDN and since most people use it, there are higher chances this is already cached, and of course Google is expected to have great uptimes and reliability

3. Microsoft Ajax CDN
This harnesses the power of the Microsoft servers and assures a fast loading experience. We posted earlier that this is the fastest CDN and we are now using this on our site.

4. cdnjs 
It is an extensive javascript library and hosts many scripts and you can try it for a faster jQuery experience. You will need to choose which version you want to load, else all versions are not visible by default. This is powered by Cloudflare.

5. JSdelivr 
It is another popular javascript library hosting several popular scripts. Here again you have to choose in the menu which version you want to use as all versions are not visible be default. Note it is also powered by MaxCDN and Cloudflare to give you a more secure experience.

Note some have secure https urls and will have added SSL negotiation times. Choose between these and you can check the page speeds to see which works best for your target audience.