The Best Way to Secure Your Google Email Account

It is very essential to secure your Google Gmail account and a password is simply not enough now. Have you ever wondered how much we depend on Google services for every online activity, and not only Gmail, and all this is secured by a single password. With password hacking too easy nowadays, what is the next level of password security?

2 Step Verification

Welcome to 2 Step authentication. Frankly speaking this feature has been around for a long time and many people who had their email hacked will tell you they wished they had activated  2 Step authentication,  but how many actually do it?

It basically means that when you login, Google will send the user a one time password (OTP) on their mobile phone (to confirm it is indeed you!) and once you enter the verification code, you can login in. It seems difficult to do this everytime, but read on …

Setup 2 Step Authentication

Go to your Google account and login – Then run the Google Security checkup. It will allow you to setup all your security features on your account one by one.

google security

2step verification settings

Alternatively you can directly visit and check how your 2 step authentication is set up. Basically you need to specify a mobile phone number where you can receive OTP and enter the verification code after the password. You can also opt for voice calls.

phone verify

You can choose then choose trusted devices and computers so it will not prompt for OTP again. So this makes it real easy for users.

registered computer

But my mobile is not with me? Just incase you are travelling and your mobile is lost/ not available, you can choose to print OTP codes, use a physical security key by Yubico (which I will share in the next post) and even have back up mobile phone options.

Google Email Account Security

2step verification onDo I use it? I had activated this feature many times but getting a One time password (OTP) on my mobile phone at every login was tedious and for sake of ease I deactivated it many times. But now the feature is easier to implement as it allows trusted devices where once you set up  2 Step authentication, it will not keep prompting you for OTP on your everyday computer or mobile Gmail app. While if any hacker tries to access you account he needs your mobile phone!

Its a 1 time setup – So basically it is a one time setup, and then it helps to keep your account secured forever. It takes a few minutes, but is 100% worth your time to secure your Google account. Its better than security questions which are easy to guess or you usually forget. Do it today.

45 comments on “The Best Way to Secure Your Google Email Account

  1. Jurij says:

    Very useful information and it works but not sure for how long. Hackers always found alternative way… Thanks for sharing.

  2. Abhishek Sharma says:

    It is very important info to all who access the Gmail account and i am one of them. I have a personal Gmail account. It is really good post.


    Abhishek Sharma

  3. Kyron says:

    Great post but will this mean my Gmail account is 100% safe? Who knows but will still give it a try.

  4. Dilshad Ahmad says:

    Thanx for sharing this.. Now i have doing this for my gmail account..

  5. Aacome says:


    I am using phone OTP verification. If i lost my phone, how can i login my account?

  6. Virteract says:

    The Two step verification is enough to provide complete security to a gmail account.

  7. Munna Hossain says:

    Excellent article. Thanks for sharing such an important post. I have a Gmail account. It is really an important account. So I want to increase the security of this account.
    I like two-step verification. I will try it for my account.

  8. Heather Hart says:

    I use the 2 step method for google mail just as an extra precaution even though I’ve never had any problems. My blog however was hacked recently and it just makes you more aware. Prevention is better than cure!

  9. Kamlesh Nishad says:

    This is something great i found here to secure my gmail account. Previously is the best way to secure gmail account but its annoying if you are frequently using from different devices. I tried this feature and finally fed up and eventually disabled it. Google still have a lot feature to secure gmail account.

    Keep sharing good tips.

  10. Saqlain Abbas says:

    That was perfectly explained informative article. It really helped me to secure my gmail account. Im a new computer person i dont know much.

  11. ToOLOwl says:

    Good read! Google made a masterpiece as Gmail and gave the security to your fingers. The automatic process for backup and recovering is awesome.

  12. OpportuniHub says:

    Great post here. I believe that 2-Step verification is a great way to secure one’s Gmail account. I think that the security of our gmail account is essential and because of that, I am going to go beyond that, trying other security measures.

    I sincerely appreciate this important information.

  13. Sravya says:

    Great post. really very informative. all are using gmail these days but securing it is very important.

  14. John Smith says:

    I have tried this, it really works. I’m just wondering how secure it really is, does it stop hackers?

  15. Rakesh sharma says:

    i was looking for this since long time because once my gmail hacked. This computer registration seems secure, i will try this. thanks

  16. Hardik Porwal says:

    Google has made a masterpiece as Gmail. No doubt, 2 step verification makes it the most secure application. Thanks for sharing.

  17. ben closer says:

    By this two-step verification, accounts are very secure. Thanks for the great post.

  18. omblogging says:

    Hi, I’m from Indonesia came here to look for the most obvious and safe way. every time I do I remain way above account is hacked, what further steps, if there are other safe ways ??
    sorry if my language is poorly understood. I’m using google translate

    thank you

  19. Muhammad Saif says:

    Awesome and informative article. I have already, run the 2 steps verification on my gmail account. Thanks for share.

  20. Gargee Vora says:


    Gmail account security is a very important for all of us because many hackers are hacking your Gmail account and missuses of some personal mail. I used to Gmail account and thanks to giving tips how to secure my Gmail account I follow to 2 step and secure my Gmail account.

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