How to Check Airtel Broadband Usage

By 05-01-2010   IndiaTutorials

If you are on Airtel limited data plan, you want to know how to check Airtel Broadband usage. First you have to create an Airtel account, and then it is easy to track your daily bandwidth usage logs and estimate the cost of your monthly internet connection bill.

  1. Go to and create a account. Click on My Account and then Register for New Account
  2. Fill in the connection type – Broadband services, login ID and Airtel ID which is your phone number with the STD code. Create an account.
  3. When you login, you can check your “Account Information”
  4. Click the link which looks like [yourtelephonenumber DSL]
  5. Click “View Unbilled Details” and there you are.

airtel data usage

Now you know how to see Airtel broadband usage and surf with ease keeping your broadband bill in check.


23 comments on “How to Check Airtel Broadband Usage


    how to register & get details of your account

  2. ravi says:

    send me Usage Detail and bill amount

  3. nazrina says:

    plz show my airtel usage amount !

  4. Sharon Thomas says:

    NIce work dude … This tip helped …..

  5. nithya says:

    im not able to register my account there is no response after the whole process of registration is complete.I want to check my usage till now.its really annoying.

  6. sn00p says:

    Thanx man…nice tip

  7. SHUVO says:

    Send Me Broadband detail……..

  8. Geek Question Answer says:

    Thanks, Tips helped me. :)

  9. Santhoshi says:

    Actually,my brother(cousin) created the airtel broadband connection for me and so i dnt want to exceed my limited plan so to check them i need the procedure

    I doesnt want to involve him in this conversation (just not to disturb him much ) so i need to know how to do this

  10. sid says:

    thnx….it exactly what v all wants to see

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