New Angry Birds Go! Kart Racing Game

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Angry Birds Go! is a brand new kart racing game featuring the popular Angry birds racing downhill in up-gradable karts, using special powers and flinging piggies along the way. Based on the previews, it incorporates the best features of several popular games and is sure to be a blockbuster.

Angry Birds Go!

angry birds goIt will be presented as  new game in the Angry Birds series and will feature various modes, levels and upgrades as usual. Racers will need to navigate dangerous roads, crash against opponents cars, get points and special powers to challenge the race leader. It has all the fun of go-kart racing and runner games (like Temple Run) with the Angry Birds twist.

Like Angry Birds Star Wars II, Hasbro Telepods will be appearing soon. This will allow you to teleport your favorite karts directly into the game from the app. Telepod buyers will also be able to get a special countdown app.

Angry Birds Go! Trailer

Watch this video to get an idea of the great new game which Rovio has developed.

Can’t wait –  The Angry Birds Go! game will be released for free on iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10 on November 11, 2013. Don’t forget to download it first and amaze your friends.

14 comments on “New Angry Birds Go! Kart Racing Game

  1. Ridhim says:

    Oh man I love them, Thanks for this update :)

  2. Alexandra D. says:

    As much as I love Angry Birds, how many versions of the game can they really make before people get sick of it?

  3. Nancy Badillo says:

    I love the angry birds! I was not aware of their new game. I need to download it asap. Thank you for the update. :-)

  4. Humayun kabir says:

    WOW! My Favorite Game…i always like to play angry Birds Game ..thanks for new update share here..

  5. Zenelia says:

    Hey !!! Angry Birds is one of my favs and I was completely unaware of that go kart racing one…surely gonna get that…

    Thanks for sharing !!

  6. Divinity says:

    I love the angry birds! I was not aware of their new game. I need to download it asap.

  7. melghyaty says:

    Game wonderful and very, very, very Favorites

  8. salim akter says:

    This is amazing game on over the world. New update version of this game is great news for all.
    Thank you for this post.

  9. Anirudh Karthik says:

    I love angry birds and i usually play it on my android tablet. And i don’t know that they has released a angry bird racing game.


  10. rosy Mark says:

    This is very good update news my daughter lovers to play angrybird all the time now she will have some latest and news things with angrybird

  11. Alex says:

    Oh…thank you so much for the update, i’m just fond of these birds – angry and funny :)

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  13. Romeo says:

    Good news for angry birds fans )

  14. JNYX says:

    Love angry birds but now it got exciting. These birds will go kart yey!!! Thanks for the update.

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