Get Faster Sites with SSD VPS Hosting

We upgraded our hosting to Knownhost SSD VPS hosting, an upgrade step over the regular managed VPS hosting which we were on for many years. Knownhost started offering this SSD hosting option recently and we switched.


When was the last time you checked your hosting provider for new hosting packages? There is no doubt that Knownhost still retains the excellent customer support and you must read the 2 year hosting review.

ssd hosting

Why SSD hosting? Solid state drives are the future. They have no moving parts like traditional hard drives, so grab and deliver the data much faster. Many new hard disks and Macbooks have solid state drives. The same technology in your Virtual Private Server will help to speed up your site superior SSD caching, and content will be delivered much faster than the traditional hard discs. If you use WordPress, the difference is appreciable.

KnownHost SSD Hosting

We were on VPS-3 plan and now have moved to the SSD VPS hosting – costs a little more than the regular VPS plan, but is value for money.

VPS-3 costed around $510 per year – with 1536MB RAM, 65GB RAID-10 Disk space, 8+CPUS with 2x priority and 3500GB premium bandwidth. The new  SSD-2 VPS plan gives us 2048MB RAM, 50GB RAID-10 disk space, 24CPU cores with 2x priority, 4500GB premium bandwidth – and costs $570 per year.

Note that though the space has decreased, there is a major increase in RAM and bandwidth. Knownhost in addition charges $5 per month for the cPanel dashboard on all hosting plans. So for 60$ per year more, we are getting the industry top standard to run our site.

vps hosting  ssd hosting

Switching to SSD VPS

It was breeze to switch to the new server as both servers were hosted in their Texas datacenter (made the right hosting datacenter choice), and Texas is the only place they offer the SSD VPS servers. They backed up via cPanel and restored the entire site to the new SSD hosting server. There was no downtime. There is no IP change or data migration charges.

SuperFast Site

So does our website load faster? Try it out for yourself and you will be surprised how zippy the site loads. This is especially true for our responsive mobile site. I will test some important speed parameters and let you know the difference in future posts. Get Knownhost fully managed hosting and enjoy a superior hosting experience like we do.

11 thoughts on “Get Faster Sites with SSD VPS Hosting”

  1. Do u have any experience of Google pagespeed service ? Just installed it but seeing decline in traffic. trying to figure out if pagespeed service causing the fall in traffic.

    1. We were considering installing pagespeed on our server, but our hosting advised against it as there some people reported some issues. If you use too memory intensive plugins, you can also notice significant site slowing. But then a good well optimized server can do many things to get a superfast first time byte. You can use a CDN to deliver static files, compress and minify files using external tools. All these help.

      1. My personal experience with Pagespeed is bad. Is it fast? yes, very fast. But not worth using, reason being that there are times certain images doesn’t load, sometimes it returns a black page for no reason, sometimes certain script fails to load. and most anonying is it creates unknown urls for every url. google will index or something like that… i cannot remember the query string.

  2. I have never thought about this, but after reading your post I think I will make some changes. Is it truth that it can be pain in the a… to move site from one server to another?

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