Sammy Buys Domain Name for $12

By Posted 2015 Updated   GoogleSecurity  domain name was purchased by Sammy Ved for a mere $12, though the joy lasted for few minutes as the system recognized the problem and cancelled the sale, refunding the money. It is an example of how big companies need to realize how vulnerable domain name systems are and the need to protect and manage their domain names. Glitches do happen, if it can happen to Google, it can surely happen to your domain name!

Sammy Ved details his experience on Linkedin of how he ended up owning though for a small while. Searching through the Google domains interface, he found was available, he added it to his domain buying cart, and did actually manage to buy domain name. he completed the purchase, and his credit card was charged. The domain also got added to the Google webmaster console and he got confirmatory details of domain ownership!

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Obviously the system realized the problem, cancelled the sale and fixed the issue. Incidentally Sammy is an ex-Googler and reported it to Google security.  Well so is back with Google.

Incidentally Google also has a history of deleting the official Google blog, and someone else grabbed the blogspot url! Of course it was a Google service and they could get it back easily.

Either way buying expired domain names is a big business and you should always be careful to protect your domain name. Its a good idea to lock domain names, register domains for a long 10 years,  remember to check that domain contacts are working and of course set it to autorenew. Remember when 9rules domain expired

Buying domains of brand names / celebrities (remember Jeffery Archer!) is big business and called cybersquatting. Selling the owners back their rightful domain earns huge money for the cybersquatter, unless a legal course might let the owners get back their domain name without the premium. Google got lucky was registered with their own service Google domains – any other registrar and it would have been gone…

14 comments on “Sammy Buys Domain Name for $12

  1. ravinder says:

    That sound so great :) He was owner of Google for moment.

  2. anand says:

    one day we will also think like this ,when we will be successfull for our website.As Sammy Ved .

  3. Md. Musaddeque Hossain Mia says:

    Wow it,s a really awesome news.Only $12 Domain now where reach.Thanks for Share .

  4. Raphael says:

    Wow, that was a close one. I should research more about cyber-squatting.

  5. Indian says:

    Can you tell me how to extend the domain purchased through Google for more than one year as domains purchased thru Google are extendable only for One year.

  6. detikbola says:

    its really awesome..
    only $12 to buy domain.
    thx for shere

  7. Deepak Gupta says:

    Thanks your this Quick Tip with real example!

  8. Akshat says:

    Really interesting news. Also you must be aware of copyright / trademark with domain name buying.

  9. Michael says:

    why this funny thing happened. is a Big Domain. And It’s Just for 12 Dollars? I can’t Believe it. Why didn’t they secure their domain.
    Bad Luck for Sammy Ved

  10. Axel johansson says:

    Isnt google worth like a gazillion potential dollars in ad revenue? and buys it for 12$ xD

  11. Mario Nimal says:

    It’s amusing how short-lived Sammy’s joy must have been.

  12. taxipleasantonca says:

    this is insane, how should we monitored that kind of activities for our owned domains???

  13. Viver agora says:

    Wow, that was a close one. I should research more about cyber-squatting.

  14. VIGNESH A says:

    A man who bought the domain name for $12 and owned it for about a minute has been rewarded by Google for uncovering the process

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