How to Protect your IP address for Free

How can you protect your IP address? When you connect to the internet, your IP (internet protocol) address is your identity in the internet. Your IP can easily be detected and can be misued by websites and hackers. Why not check your IP now.

In the modern internet era, it is essential to protect your IP while surfing. Having a static IP (which does not change everytime) expose you further more than a dynamic IP (which changes everytime you login). There are several ways to mask your IP using a proxy tool which present another IP address, hiding your original IP address. These services however can reveal your IP, if required legally, if you happen to do something illegal under a hidden IP.

  • If you wanted to surf anonymously without going through the hassle of changing the IP host and port everytime to protect your original IP – Try IP hiding service like Proxy Buddy or you can try a variety of tsuch hide IP services. They tend to slow browsing too. You will have to accept an intruding banner bar on top, but it is free !
  • If you can manage a little technical stuff, you can switch proxies in your connection settings of the browser. Anonymous proxies are available at free public proxy servers. Just change the IP address and the port and you have masked your IP. Usually proxies are graded for their reliability. Choose the better graded ones and those updated latest only for best results. Speeds may vary on different proxies, just add multiple proxies and switch between them to find the fastest one.
  • A Switch Proxy extension is available for Firefox users that lets you manage and switch between multiple proxy configurations quickly and easily. You can also use it as an anonymizer to protect your
    computer from prying eyes.
  • Proxy toolbars are in vogue nowadays. Several of them come for a price with additional features. Free toolbars add onto your browser. They tend to slow browsing too. They tend to block webpages which check your IP, block competitor IP proxy toolbars.

After using these tools, check your IP to see it has changed. Enjoy safe surfing.