Print Scrn Key Captures Desktop Screenshots in One Click

Have you used the Print Screen key ever to capture desktop screenshots in one click? Print Screen key lies on the top right part of most keyboards along with the Scroll Lock and Pause Break Key and can easily capture desktop screenshots.

print screen key1. Captures Screenshots

If you use Windows, then just by clicking on print screen key will capture or take a photo of all content of your current desktop screen. This image is attached to the clipboard.

2. Paste Screenshots

Then just paste this to any image editing software.

a) Microsoft Paint is freely available on all Windows Software. Windows Paint is located at Start>All Programs>Accessories>Paint. The whole screen image will be pasted. Just select your area of interest and ‘crop’ it. Then save the image. (This image on the right side showing how to locate the Paint is taken by this technique).

b) My personal favourite free image editing software is Irfan View. Just open it, CTRL+V pastes the image, drag to select the area of interest, ‘CTRL+Y’ crops the image as desired, ‘S’ saves as the images to where you want it.

c) There are several professional screenshot capture shareware software like Snagit– that will do the job for you too.  But many such image capturing software have ads, embedded text, limited trial period or disabled features.

But for most routine jobs, The Print Screen Key works just great. Give it a try. Just vary the area of cropping and you can create great effects with multiple windows or just flaunt your weird desktop for all to see!

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