Yahoo Search Developer Network: Now Open !

Launched on February 28 2005: The Yahoo! Search Developer Network is the place to find everything you need to develop applications that use Yahoo search web services. The launch of Yahoo! Search Developer Network and Search Web Services was announced on the YSDN and on the Yahoo Search Blog.

Yahoo! Search Web Services allow you to access Yahoo content and services in your favorite programming languages. This means you can now build Yahoo directly into your own applications.

How to get started?

  • First – you will need to get an application ID. Because, they require that each application that uses these APIs be registered with them. This ApplicationID must be sent with each request in the ‘appid’ parameter.
  • Then read the the online documentation and FAQ.
  • Next, download the development kit which includes BSD licensed examples and libraries for various languages: Perl, Python and PHP, Java, and JavaScript to get you started.

Now, after all the hard work and original software development ideas, you can post any cool tools you develop on the yahoo wiki or on their blog, and they are very keen to post your view and software tools you develop.

But before you get going, don’t forget to read the terms of use.¬†Also note that they limit the frequency by which any computer may access these services. These rate limits are imposed independently for each service and are typically in the thousands-per-day per user range. You need to indicate through textual attribution that a product or service that you created either used or is based on the Yahoo! Search APIs.

So get your brains coding new Yahoo developer tools !

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