Free Baskin Robbins Ice Cream on Yahoo’s 10th Birthday

Grab a free free Baskin Robbins Ice Cream as Yahoo celebrates its 10th birthday on 2nd March, 2005 . It has been a crucial decade of growth of the internet form a meagre start with few slow internet connections in developed countries, when the www was being widely labelled the ‘World Wide Wait’ due to the slow internet dial up connections. In that era Yahoo was representative of the most prominent directory on the web. Surfers used to identify Yahoo as representative of the web.

Search for any term meant rushing to Yahoo. Getting you site listed in Yahoo was essential to get any significant web traffic to your site. Yahoo has guided a new generation of web savvy users though hidden unknown corners of the web.

Yahoo 10 Years Celebration!

Filo and Yang, the founders, worked on a hobby that they named “Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web,” a Web search directory that would change their lives. A year later it would be incorporated as Yahoo.

Yahoo! 10th birthday

And Yahoo celebrated in style-

  • Yahoo is offered free Baskin Robbins ice cream coupons to registered users for its birthday bash – one scoop in cone or cup anywhere in the world. The coupons will be customized with the consumers name, and the site will feature driving directions and a Yahoo! Smartview map listing all Baskin-Robbins locations in the user-specified geographic area. As part of the birthday celebration, the coupon must be printed and redeemed on March 2nd.
  • Yahoo unveiled Yahoo! Netrospective: 10 Years, 100 Moments of the Web – an online gallery of 100 photographs that tracks the evolution of the Internet over a decade. It was inspired by 10×10, an online artwork by Jonathan Harris. 10×10 automatically gathers the top 100 words and pictures in the world every hour, based on what’s happening in the news, and then displays these words and pictures in an interactive 10×10 grid.

Yet Yahoo tirelessly strives to achieve greater heights in web search and development. Its most recent endevour was to launch the Yahoo Search Developer Network. The Yahoo! Search Developer Network is the place to find everything you need to develop applications that use Yahoo search web services.

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