Aishwarya Rai is Most Beautiful Woman in the World

Searching for the World’s Most Beautiful Woman? CBS Correspondent Bob Simon reports the woman who currently holds the title of the Most Beautiful Woman in the World, at least according to thousands of Web sites, Internet polls is Aishwarya Rai.

She is a popular Indian Bollywood actress living and working in Bombay, India. The reigning queen of Indian cinema, and also a classically trained dancer, Aishwarya Rai has starred in 24 films over the last seven years. Bollywood, India’s film industry is famous for churning out more movies a year than Hollywood. The svelte beauty first shot to fame after appearing in a Pepsi commercial with actor Aamir Khan in India. Her most popular role was in Devdas with Madhuri Dixit and Shahrukh Khan.

aishwarya rai

She was crowned Miss India first runner-up (1994) and then crowned Miss World in 1994-95 in the international beauty paegent. She was a second year student of architecture and a professional model when she came to represent India on an international beauty paegent along with 86 other young girls from countries all over the world.

In 2003 she became the first Indian actress to sit on the jury of the Cannes Film Festival. Aishwarya was voted the most attractive woman of 2003 by Hello magazine readers. The green-eyed beauty took some 33 per cent of the vote, despite a strong challenge from British newcomer Keira Knightley, who was in second with 31 per cent. The editors of TIME Magazine included Aishwarya Rai in the list of 100 most influential people in the world in 2004. She endorses for L’Oreal, Coca-Cola and DeBeers diamonds.

Aishwarya even has a look alike named Sneha Ullal who is a new Bollywood actress. Sneha Ullal must feel great to be a lookalike of the most beautiful woman on earth, Aishwarya Rai!

Update 1/6/05Angelina Jolie has taken over as the most beautiful women in a recently published list. Aishwarya Rai has slipped to 9th rank.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Ash still is the most stunning woman I have seen, even in real like at sort distance. Even with minimal make up she was eye catching and ehteral. Doll like, but smiling and at ease.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Aishwariya rai is preety but not wholly stunning. I have seen her interview and is preety scary looking. Her eyes are only complimented by makeup. But Angelina Jolie is beautiful with or without make-up. Ash is preety but Angelina is beutiful.Thats the difference.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ash is photogenic. I have seen her in reality. She wears alot of makeup. Her eyes are not as beutiful as they look on screen and she definetly wears alot of makeup

  4. resh says:

    she is pretty. noone is denying dat. but most beautiful? i dont think so…. by the way, are those contacts? 2me her eye colour always changes………

    • dianne says:

      the fact that you put that question shows that you just can’t beleive that Aishwarya is naturally a real beauty!

    • trisha says:

      lol.. contacts? there r so many indian women who have blue/green/grey eyes… in movies she wears brown contacts sometimes…but her real eye color is green/blue…. she’s considered the most beautiful..becos she’s beautiful…she’s 36 now..still beautiful..there r many beautiful women in the world..but ash got noticed!! for her amazing beauty!

  5. Muhammad Farooq says:

    She is really a beautiful girl and much beautiful than angelina jolie. i like ash very much.

  6. monica says:

    I think ash is beautiful. It is so nice to see an East Indian Girl in the Western World being recognized for both her beauty and brains.

  7. hello says:

    Indian skin? What are you talking about? There are two types of indians, the light skinned and brown skinned. Ash is light skiined and has blue-green eyes. I have seen her at Cannes (in 2005) , and she was the most beautiful woman on earth, even the lady who was interviewing her said she would put a garbage bag on herself.
    Dont forget, makeup doesnt go on piggs!

  8. Monnappa B C says:

    I feel Aishwarys rai is the most beautiful women in the world. God has created her with full precision and precaution.

  9. REALITE says:

    Yes ash you are one of the most beautiful women in the world. the ten most beautiful women in the world are Ash,Monica bellucci,Angelina jolie Thalia sodi, Beyonce, Tyra, keira knigtly,Elizabeth taylor, Elearnor varela, and Diane kruger.

  10. Lionel Chess says:

    Ash is definitely on the top of my list for the most beautiful female in the world. Different strokes.

  11. Veez says:

    Marry me. I cant expain in words what you are.

  12. Fazil says:

    When God made Ash he was just showing off his ability to create a perfect combination of beauty and brains.
    Yes she is the most beautiful woman in da wrld and as 4 those jealous geeks who think otherwise…go take a hike!!!

  13. pretty says:

    she is beautiful but not the most beautiful. and why does her eye colour aways change? she is fake

  14. john lacey says:

    i don’t think she is the most beautiful woman in the world. when we say beauty, it has many dimensions. i don’t think her beauty is natural. i have seen her in US. i had this impression tha she is naturally beautiful. i was wrong. i still think that Filipinas are the most beautiful women in the world. they are natural beauties, no make up required. being charitable does not mean being beautiful.

  15. Veez says:

    Don’t worry about what the guys mention above. You are absolutley amazing. I am truly in love with you. Every moment I lay my eyes on you, hear your voice, my heart trembles, my soul quivers.
    You are a great distance away, but share so much love, I sense that love, I feel that love,
    right here.

    I love you Aish !!!

  16. Veez says:

    Dear Aish

    Just thought i’d make you make you aware that you’re in my thoughts, always.

    Mwah ! ! !

  17. anon says:

    From what Ive heard from people who have met her in real life and also read on the internet from people who have met her in real life all have more or less said she is not beautiful. She only has soft features making her more appealing to the camera and so more photogenic.

  18. zoya says:

    she is not the most beautiful woman in the world. and the eye color keeps changing. too much eye makeup and extentions and false eyelashes and expensive clothes.. anjelina jolie looks beautiful in no makeup and jeans and a tee shirt

    • richa says:

      hello, ash is s the most beautiful….ask anjolina to wear indian dreeses, then u ‘ll descide who is the most beautifull among both of them…i l u ash

  19. kishore says:

    I liked her first advertisement on Television & thought she might be a most beautiful girl on earth. But as age passes we can see some prettier faces more beautiful on earth.

    Anyways I like Aish today also.

  20. unknown - ---- says:

    Aish is a pretty but everyone has thier own beauty. No one is perfect. yet y do we spend so much time commenting on other people who have been created by God just as we have and we all live under the same sky.

  21. arpita says:

    Aish is pretty but not the prettiest … cause iam the prettiest..:)

    • aish fan says:

      when you say that someone is a good role model, you dont analyse the statement in terms of ones beauty. ash is a good role model because she is hard working, shes intelligent, she’s proud of her culture (and please dont come with the, then why does she not weat indian garments at international events, hey when in rome do like the romans!), shes relgious and doesnt flaunt herself. she has always been respectful. one doesnt hear of her bashing and bad mouthing other people, including competitors. in addtion, ash is known for her professionalism. there’s no tell-all book about her and no mention of one either. one attributes looks to her being a good role model because its what stands at the fore.

  22. ewr says:

    i also read about her in cosmopolitan magazine, and the journalists were indeed very impressed, saying they dont care about the women in the rest of the world when in front of us, they have aishwarya rai, describing her as a godess.

  23. Prince Henry says:

    She is the most beautiful Woman in the world i love u Ash

  24. Dupinder says:

    ur the most beautiful woman in the world and im her ur biggest fan i have got ur posters in my room

  25. ar says:

    her eyes, her smile cant compared with other, the beauty come up with everything without a doubt, the sincerity make her the most beautifull woman on earth.

    but i think who have the most beautifull heart on earth, one of the top list is oprah.

    i wonder if oprah become a miss universe. hehehe

  26. MONIKA says:

    Ash is the most beautiful woman in the universe and real beauty counts your features-eyes,nose,lips,chin bones and chicck bones etc . Ash has exceptionally beautiful features .

  27. Aisha says:

    I think that Aishwara Rai is in fact a very beautiful woman but I can’t just say that she is the most beautiful woman in the world. I would have to just say that she is one of many different types of beautiful women in the world. I also love her name…its close to mine…lol.

  28. Hippy says:

    Aishwarya is clearly wearing colour contact lens – in all her close up pictures you can see the inner perfect circle of her naturaly brown (as you would expect – she’s from India) eyes.

  29. stephanie from florida says:

    Dear aishwarya you are beautiful everyone has their own beauty……you have gorgeous eyes by the way to you stupid people you can tell when someone wears contact lenses it doesn’t look natural so stop hating because you can’t be her. Her skin color is beautiful yeah she wears makeup but, she’s an actress/model what do you expect its her profession so for all the girls out there you know you wear some type of makeup anyway ash I think you are gorgeous and all the haters need help!!

    Mwauh stephy ur fan

  30. Sumera says:

    Angelina Jolie Without A Doubt !
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, with her mesmirising hypnotic eyes and that trance when you look into them no way compared to Ash’s fake apparent ”green-blue eyes” when I have seen childhood pictures and they are simply just brown. Angelina is much more beautiful than Ash, not onlt the eyes but the lips cheekbones e.t.c

  31. bollywood Babe says:

    Aishwarya Rai is the most beautiful woman in the world not even Agelina Jolie comes close to her!!! :-)

  32. aryana says:

    aishwarya rai’s beauty is beautiful but not unsurpassing beauty because there’s more far beyond of her beauty comparing to other women who are not famous.But some other people say that indians are one of the most beautiful women of the world according to their rank in “Miss World and Miss Universe……ty……

  33. veez says:


    We all are beautifull. There is no measurment to it.
    Aish is abolutley amazing. Dont only look at her from the outside.

  34. Neek0 says:

    Ash is beautiful in every way. That doesn’t mean a individual is not. Everyone in this world we call Earth is beautiful in their own ways. Just calm down, would you?

  35. Reihan says:

    Aish is the symbol of beauty.

  36. halili says:

    for me she is just a normal girl compared to our arab beauty and eyes ^-^

  37. halili says:

    not to forget, italian and venezuela girls beauty too ^-^

  38. Eva says:

    She doesn’t look Indian – light skin and light colored eyes. Indians always prefer non-Indian looking people.

  39. Aillie says:

    I think she is without doubt the most beautiful woman in the world

  40. John says:

    Emma Watson is the most beautiful hands down…

  41. V says:

    Um… her eyes aren’t brown. They’re brown in that picture because they’re from a movie where she wears brown lenses… she’s brown lenses for Raincoat, Jodha Akkbar and some other movie.

  42. Ariel says:

    Nooooo! The most beautiful person in the world is Keira Knightley by far! She’s so pretty. Way more pretty that Aishwarya Rai.

  43. lala says:

    shes got amazing on screen beauty but i have seen her in person.
    she is still pretty but not as half as pretty as she is on screen.
    her eyes are GREEN but they are dark green and she uses enhancers to lighten them, like she did in umrao jaan.
    she looks like and ordinary indian gril to me.
    But shes very photogenic and has great on screen presence but I would have to say doesnt apply to her off screen

  44. praveen says:

    i love aish, aish is the most beautiful woman in the world, no one can beat her

  45. praveen says:

    i love aish, aish is the most beautiful woman in the world.

  46. River says:

    btw, there is no such thing as the most beautiful woman in world. There are many beautiful women from every culture, ethnic group, etc… She just happens to be a very beautiful woman who is from India.

  47. Roslee says:

    Aish is beautiful but she’s none comparable to Monica Bellucci. Monica is so gorgeous and exotic.

  48. chota don says:

    kathrina kaif is the most beautiful woman in the world

  49. Jazz says:

    Aishwarya is THE most beautiful woman on the planet. seeing her from less than 5 feet away, i can safely say that i’ve never been so speechless in all of my life. She is an absolute DOLL. her eyes are gorgeous and her bone structure and smile are DAZZLING. she truly deserves this title!

  50. Becau says:

    The most beautiful woman or man is a myth created by man. There are billions of people on this earth and we can be single handed and say he or she is the most beautiful. We can only say this because someone is famous and we see their face all the time. Seriously, folks, no one can walk around photoshopped which most of these pics are, not just Ash but many celebs.

  51. edgar grimaldi says:

    Listen, it is not because you are very beautiful, extra pretty, very talented and awesome looking; but I think that I want to date you some day.

  52. centrum says:

    Ash is by far the most beautiful woman of the world. Her looks are immortal. and take note she is already 35 years old, how much more if she was on her youthful days.

  53. Miss J says:

    But the point is she’s not two shades darker and she doesn’t have brown eyes. It’s her unique features that make her stand out. Oprah has come face to face with every celebrity on the planet from Angelina Jolie to Halle Berry and even she was impressed with Ash’s beauty.

  54. Hottest Bollywood Actress Wallpapers says:

    aish is really the most beautiful woman

  55. alexx says:

    show me another aishwarya!

  56. dianne says:

    I DO think she is the most beautiful woman in the world!

  57. fatima says:

    she is not the most beauiful to me there are many more beautiful women on earth but we just dont know them

  58. Kokz says:

    No ways, she is beautiful but not the most prettiest my girlfriend is more pretty then her

  59. KNDS says:

    Aishwarya rai is really beautiful YES….BUT she is not the WORLD’S PRETTIEST….not like every woman has a camera following them. And even then there are many woman in the entertainment industry who are so much more prettier than her. She is just over rated.

  60. seyda sotelo says:

    of course that title is apropiate for her she´s the most beautiful woman in the world never seen with or with out make up people don´t be blinds and envies please angelina is pretty but not prettiest also aishwarya dance and acts very well is a complete beauty….

  61. irtaza says:

    aishwarya is still the most beautiful women in the world ,with time she has become ,more graceful and elegant

  62. Jessica says:

    She is beautiful I’m sure she looks better than you

  63. Nikhil says:

    She’s got brown skin and wears color contact lenses.
    Not beautiful at all. Looks like typical South Indian.

  64. jill says:

    ash is the most beautiful woman

  65. Jokha k. says:

    i like Aishwarya and i like to watch her movies.

  66. lemter says:

    aishwarya rai is truely most attrective women of world!!!!!!!

  67. keins says:

    She is so hottest and so beautiful that I ever seen such a lovely woman in my live. wow!

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