How to Test Dead Pixels on Your LCD Monitor

How can you test for Dead Pixels on your LCD computer monitor? Have you noticed specks or dots on your LCD monitor and often confused them with specks of dust. I found this quick and cool test page to detect dead pixels on your monitor for free without any downloads or software.

Dead Pixels Test

First, wipe the computer monitor with a soft cloth to actually wipe out any dust particles.

Then, all you need to do is click on all the links on the page and load the various test pages and look carefully at the images for any sign of dead (black) pixel, lit (white) pixel as visible on the test images or also colored pixels. They have presented methods with and without use of javascript and always check using a full screen.

They advise “If you notice dead pixels, sometimes you can massage them back to life: just rub the screen by pressing a finger gently through a rag around the pixel. No guaranty but sometimes it works; LCD monitors are fairly fragile, so take it easy.”

I think the most amusing part was a quotation on the page –

“There is unexpected beauty hidden everywhere in this world – one just has to be open to seeing it. Remember that the next time you sneeze on your monitor.”  – Nathan Walton.

This test is definitely worth a quick try to see if your monitor is perfectly fit and pixeling!

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