Create Short Tiny Small Urls and Links

If you have a very long url and want to quote a short link somewhere or add your link to the limited signature on forums, what do you do? Make a short url.

Why make urls tiny, small or short?
1. Hide the original url. This makes it possible to mask affiliate links or the main url for whatever reason.
2. Get a neat short url, easy to remember and quote.
3. Make a smaller URL that will work for any page on your site.
4. Long urls tend to break into parts, or distort pages in forums and blog comments. Small urls fix this.
5. Some forms like signatures in forums allow limited characters, so a tiny url would fit there.

So the answer is small urls free services like Tinyurl. The best way is to drag a bookmarklet to the browser toolbar and whenever you want to create a short url, just click it and get the tinyurl (or use their form). And quote this anywhere to reach that page. Simple and fast. is another such service, it gives a direct url to the statistics in addition to the ‘shorlify’ url which is password protected.

Snipurl has some more advanced features if you like going beyond the simple short url. It allows you to create the unique short name which follows if you do not like the random text they generate. You can also create password protected urls for privacy purposes. You can edit them, track them and even make multiple snipurls in one powerful go.

This is one of my popular posts which I quote often with a long url.

See what TinyUrl created

And this is what Shorl created

SnipUrl got me this

Possibly there are more which you know of!


  1. Tony says:

    I use TinyURL all the time…if you use Firefox (or Mozilla Suite), you *must* install the “TinyURL Creator” extension:

    This extension adds a context menu (right-click) item to create a TinyURL for the page you’re visiting. You can also hover over a link, and create a TinyURL for that link. Either way, it puts the resulting TinyURL on the clipboard, ready to paste wherever you need it (like this comment…)

    Works anywhere Firefox/Mozilla is supported (I’ve used it on OSX and WinXP.)

  2. Ken Leebow says:

    Try You can give some meaning to the URL.

  3. Lorenzo says:

    You might also want to try

  4. Mirko says:

    I use since it has the my most useful options.

  5. Lelia Katherine Thomas says:

    Don’t forget other similarly useful services like and I use them very often.

  6. Skryche says:

    Oh, how I hate tinyurl. Those of us that pay attention to the urls of where we’re going are driven crazy by tinyurl and similar services. Unless it’s a very very long URL and you can’t make a proper link, or you know it’s going to be written down — use A HREF, people!

    For the perfect example of terrible tinyurl usage, see tony’s post above.

  7. Morgan says:

    I use you can customize your link name there too.

  8. Chase says:

    I like as mentioned in the article…mostly because you can customize it rather than be assigned a random sequence or letters/numbers. More memorable.

    Plus you have the choice of using the SNIPURL version:
    (using the example for the page above)

    you can shorten it even more with the SNURL version:

    Both versions of the addys work.

  9. Rob says:

    I never click on short/tiny URLs because I don’t know where they lead. They are a big security risk to the user. Perhaps the bad guys haven’t noticed this yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

  10. Anonymous says:

    There’s also

  11. Phil! says:

    I like While they have the disadvantage of a somewhat longer domain name, I prefer their approach to their URLs: a) URLs are persistent; a given shortening will remain so long as they run the site, and b) they interpose a page showing you where the link ultimately goes, so you can change your mind before, say, goatse ends up on your screen at work (the interposed page can be removed by setting a cookie).

  12. Anonymous says:

    I very recently made a bookmarklet for I call ShurlThis! It makes it easy to make customized short URLs in one click using either highlighted text on a page or text entered into a prompt box. I hope others find it as useful as I do.

  13. Anonymous says:

    An the shortest result is from :

  14. steve says:

    I use because it integrates with my bookmarks and I can set it to preview where I’m going before I’m sent there – which kind of addresses Rob’s concerns about security.

  15. Adrian Buerki says:

    Check out

    There you can choose the prefix of the generated URL. Thus the short URLs don’t look that cryptic. On top of that you can monitor accesses to the URL, meaning count accesses and see where the visitors come from.

  16. mikemondragon says:

    Hurl it is very small.

  17. Alex says:

    With URLHawk ( you can track, optionally protect and customise your URL. Also has clocking functions.
    Generally I can make my URLs 4-5 letters shorter than TinyURL and have it meaningful.

  18. Azmeen says: generate shorter URLs as well. And it has a preview function too.

  19. amno says:

    I use it have a nice and fast look, The firefox plug-in is very nice

  20. shorten url says:

    Hi, nice list.
    There is easy one: – i recommend.

  21. dan says:

    I found that can unmask these urls and return the final destination url so you see exactly where you are going before you click the link.

  22. INTURL says:

    Try INTURL, it’s redirect faster, no spam.

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